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Bloggrrr.com http://www.bloggrrr.com Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:54:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Top 10 Web Design Tutorial Resource Sites http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-web-design-tutorial-resource-sites/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-web-design-tutorial-resource-sites http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-web-design-tutorial-resource-sites/#respond Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:54:41 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=1055 Web designing requires some serious training and strenuous hours of familiarization with a number of new techniques. It seems that something new comes out every minute. The speed by which new things are developed is...

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Web designing requires some serious training and strenuous hours of familiarization with a number of new techniques. It seems that something new comes out every minute. The speed by which new things are developed is so fast-paced that even professionals could get confused from time to time. Undergoing proper training and going through web design tutorial programs are the best ways to achieve full understanding of what web designing is all about.

There are websites that offer these tutorials for free and you can get really good pointers and ideas as well the basics in web design without needing to pay a fee. Each tool is different in the learning materials and styles that they utilize. In any case, the important thing is that with the tools that we are presenting here you are given the chance to learn something about web design.

10. Google Code University

10 Google Code University

The tutorial from Google Code University is the right stuff for beginners. The developers from Google made sure that the tutorials they are offering will give the most inexperienced beginners a firm foundation in website creation. This amazing resource site also offers visual presentations for fast and easy recognition about the how’s and what’s of web design. The lessons include essentials and basics like JavaScript, CCS and HTML procedures. The rationale is to give the learners a better glimpse of what is in store for them when it comes to website creation.

9. Mozilla School of Webcraft

9 Mozilla School of Webcraft

Like its close rival, Mozilla would not pass up the opportunity to share its thoughts on the subject. Their resource site is a part of a program devised by P2PU. P2PU, also known as Peer to Peer University is an online learning community that offers online education to those who are interested in learning various computer processes. It offers different courses and perspectives in designing a website that allows the student to be trained fully. Included in their program is a test which will gauge the things that you have learned while getting engaged in the tutorial.

8. Netmagazine.com

8 Netmagazine.com

Netmagazine.com is also a good place to find awesome and easy to follow tutorials. This site however is more directed to the learning needs of advanced and intermediate web designers rather than beginners. It gives fully detailed instructions on different aspects of designing a website, from CCS tasks to HTML creation, plus tutorials about JavaScripts and more.

7. Codecademy

7 Codecademy

Codecademy has earned the respect of the web designing community due to its penchant for easy to learn steps and processes in coding and designing. It is free to use and the training program is essentially a step by step learning stair, making comprehension almost instant. The makers of this great resource made it possible to learn without having to endure boredom. This site also has a feature that allows learners to interact with others whom they can share their thoughts with.

6. CodeRacer

6 CodeRacer

Nobody thought that learning how to design a website could be this fun. CodeRacer has changed the conventional view on how to learn the basics of web creation. It has a very engaging manner teaching the skills needed for you to be able to make your web site just the way you want it. It combines awesome graphical representations (with a racing game as a front at that). Kudos to the creators for their efforts at making something potentially tedious exciting enough to hook people.

5. Udacity

5 Udacity

Udacity was developed by experts from the University of Virginia and Stanford. It is a free online site that teaches prospective students how to make and build their own web site. It has a very catchy tagline which says that in just seven weeks, you will be able to build your own web page! What could be better than that? All their lessons and tutorials are very intuitive and informative. They also provide extreme focus on the basics so that the students will have a firm and stable foundation on web creation.

4. Sitepoint

4 Sitepoint

Sitepoint is a company engaged in selling designs for websites. It is a company based in Australia that is recognized by the whole world because of the quality of the outputs that they produce. Having earned a lot of respect in the web community, Sitepoint is also known to give free tutorials on the basics of web development. Beginners can benefit from their simple and engaging tutorials but they have chosen to provide more directed instruction to the intermediate learners and the learned designers.

3. Lynda.com

3 Lynda.com

Lynda.com can be considered as one of the most prominent and respected sources of materials and tutorials on how to design a web site. For decades, Lynda.com has been giving high quality video materials in which you can avail for a certain price. Their instruction materials are not limited to video tutorials because they also have books and documentaries, if you prefer these media. Even though their sources are for sale, you can check out their materials by availing the free tutorials they have.

2. Treehouse

2 Treehouse

Treehouse provides high quality video tutorials on how to design a web site. It covers all aspects in the procedure including HTML, CCS, JavaScript and all the important elements in full detail and clarity. With the rich and vast knowledge this online source offers, they only charge a few bucks. Such in not a bad deal considering that what they offer could be used by the learner for a very long time. As bonus features, there are simple games that would test you on the things you have acquired and learned.

1. YouTube

1 YouTube

YouTube has been providing quality videos from different sources that may or may not be of any help. It is also a fact that there are web designers and developers who are willing to share their experience and knowledge for free just by posting their video tutorials in YouTube. What makes YouTube applicable to beginners or even advanced users is that any tutorial posted will be given comments in which you can depict what the video is all about and if there are elements that are lacking. This site provides engaging and helpful information which is free and available to everybody.

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Top 10 Logo Design Tips for an Artistic and Timeless Logo http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-logo-design-tips-for-an-artistic-and-timeless-logo/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-logo-design-tips-for-an-artistic-and-timeless-logo http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-logo-design-tips-for-an-artistic-and-timeless-logo/#respond Tue, 21 Feb 2017 01:56:23 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=580 A logo signifies a company’s values, persona, ideas, and its vision and mission for the future. The purpose of creating a logo is to generate a boundless impact in people’s cognizance about the company and...

The post Top 10 Logo Design Tips for an Artistic and Timeless Logo appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

A logo signifies a company’s values, persona, ideas, and its vision and mission for the future. The purpose of creating a logo is to generate a boundless impact in people’s cognizance about the company and its ideals. The society must be able to relate to the company’s ideals and quality through its logo. An artistic and timeless logo design plays a very momentous role in creating a company’s trademark appearance. Differing to the typical viewpoint of most logo designers, a logo is not required to be a masterpiece in the world of designing. A logo does not also need to be an evidence of a designer’s designing dexterity and need to be involved in the newest developments in the realm of logo design. People gauge the company by its logo and the created logo is gauged based on the components that outline its design. If you’re a logo designer and want to create a timeless logo for a certain company, here are the top 10 logo design tips for you.

10. Make Use of the Right Typography10 Make Use of the Right Typography

When it comes to designing a logo, your typography should be distinctive. A custom hand-made typography is far better than most beautiful fonts generated through computers. It is also important not to spoil yourself in using too fashionable fonts when designing a logo. They’re the same as cheap typography and that’s the reason why these fonts are free. Also, most fashionable typographies are too weak and fancy, and most likely used on several low-priced business cards. So, it is a must to make use of the right typography.

9. Make Use of Vector9 Make Use of Vector

Even though it’s inviting to make use of multifaceted 3D effects and in depth illustrations in designing a logo, probabilities are that it will not generate a good outcome. Crisp and neat lines with limited colors are more efficient than an illustration or multifaceted 3D version. A vector-based and proficiently drawn logo will offer you the balance and contrast which is very significant in logo design.

8. Make it Notable

8 Make it Notable

An excellent logo design will implant itself into each person’s sub-cognizance. The logo must be made with simple lines and very easy to evoke from memory in order to make it notable. A decent way to ensure that your created logo is notable is to show it to your friends.

7. Make Use of Splendid Colors

7 Make Use of Splendid Colors

Colors mold the core of any graphic representation. Most of the time logo designers tend to oversee the significance of a prudent use of colors. Colors have the power to induce emotions and feelings. If at all possible, your selection of color must be based on the target probability of customers. Think through the gender, the age, and social orientations of the prospects, and match it with your creative vision.

6. Make it Meaningful

6 Make it Meaningful

Every logo has its own story to convey. If you view logo designing as simple artwork or an outline of text or lines, you will not able to conceal the deeper meaning or significance behind the logo. If possible, a decent logo has two stories to convey; one is the hidden meaning, and second is the obvious meaning.

5. Be Distinctive

5 Be Distinctive

A logo must stand out amongst competition. It must be distinctive in such a way that the audience can relay the logo only to a sole company and are not easily tangled as to which company the created logo belongs. Most of the experts suggest ideally not following logo trends. A well planned and designed logo is undeniably abiding and holds value for even longer years since its launch. Experts also advise not to copy or get inspired of any company’s logo design when generating a logo.

4. Be Vibrant

4 Be Vibrant

In logo designing, it is also important that one should be vibrant on his or her work. Being firm in logo design only leads you to reach for innovation, passion, improvement, and when the passion and innovation is gone, the design also can be disappear. A logo has to be vibrant, which means it must have a flexible attitude. Companies are expecting their logo to appear to a wide range of users. With such range, the audience or user is bound to have various types of preferences and tastes. A firm logo is always not acceptable in design.

3. Captivate Your Audience

3 Captivate Your Audience

The logo design should always captivate and amuse your audience. Your created logo should not also be so accurate that the meaning is brought out to the audience. The audience should be given the advantage to find out the significance and purpose of your created logo themselves. If the user or audience is able to find out the significance and meaning of your logo within a judicious amount of time, this will give an advantage in creating diverting and notable experience between you and your viewers or users.

2. Be Flexible and Adaptive

2 Be Flexible and Adaptive

Being flexible and adaptive in creating a logo design is very essential to make them popular. If you logo is only suitable for posters and not for coffee mugs, it will never acquire popularity. In addition, if your logo is spoiled to a color pattern, it can’t be called a decent logo, which means that your designed logo should always appear attractive and decent event if it is presented in a white and black setting, or in a set of colors that are excluded to the actual and original design.

1. Make it Simple

1 Make it Simple

This is probably the finest advice every logo designer should listen to. Always think of the point that a logo is not an assessment ground for your typography and illustration skills. It is more of an assessment of your design perception and staging sense. A complex logo will not only make your logo design difficult to maintain or reproduce, but you will also have a hard time or will be unsuccessful to captivate your audience. The logo is the crucial pitch to your prospective customers and business associates. So, when making a logo design always remember that simplicity is beauty.

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Top 10 Ideas on How to Get More Followers on Twitter Free for Yourself http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-ideas-on-how-to-get-more-followers-on-twitter-free-for-yourself/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-ideas-on-how-to-get-more-followers-on-twitter-free-for-yourself http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-ideas-on-how-to-get-more-followers-on-twitter-free-for-yourself/#respond Mon, 20 Feb 2017 13:54:49 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=196 Twitter is becoming huge and slowly but surely, it’s creeping up and fighting Facebook for dominance. Of course, while it isn’t there yet, you’re going to have to do your best to make your profile...

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Twitter is becoming huge and slowly but surely, it’s creeping up and fighting Facebook for dominance. Of course, while it isn’t there yet, you’re going to have to do your best to make your profile count. This can come in a lot of ways, but the main thing is to always figure out just how you can make the most out of Twitter. The thing here is that it’s not just about following endlessly, here are some decent ways on how to get more followers on twitter free.

10. Be informative in your niche

10. Be informative in your niche

A big thing about Twitter is that you don’t have the chance to create exposition and overtly long statuses detailing everything that happened today. The big difference is that all your tweets have to be short and very sweet in order for them to stay relevant in twitter. It details everything that is important in a couple of hundred characters which means you have to make everything as concise as you possibly can. That means you’re short hits have to be literally as jam packed with info as they possibly can.

9. Follow people then follow back

9. Follow people then follow back

A great big thing about social networks is that they are integrally social. You need people to make stuff work on these sites, and unless you’re already an A-list celebrity who just happened to start a Twitter, then you have to play the game. In addition to being entertaining, you’d have to be clever and courteous to the people that enjoy your stuff. When people follow you, make sure to be the nice guy and follow back when you need to.

8. Reply and Retweet

8. Reply and Retweet

The whole purpose of people replying to you is that you get a chance to interact with your target audience. Instead of being a stagnant source of updates and stale stuff, remember to retweet any original stuff that comes from your fans, as well as those that you follow. It can boost your popularity by ten fold if you’re courteous enough to do so, and you might even nab a few new fans as well. This is all a part of the community experience and it might come as a surprise to you, but people love an approachable man. This is why the next tip is so important.

7. Link yourself everywhere

7. Link yourself everywhere

Are you using Twitter in Tandem with other stuff like your Facebook, Tumblr, or your own personal website? To make the best of your Twitter, make sure to learn about how you link these up between each other. This should be easier for your Facebook and other social network profiles as by default, you can log in to each with ease. For personal websites, you’ll have to learn a thing or two about linking and constructing your site to include all of your profiles. There is a sure chance that you should see this layout in bigger websites like the Huffington Post or Cracked. It’s an efficient way to get your already established fan base to start following you on Twitter.

6. Make the best of your Tweets

6. Make the best of your Tweets

Like tip number 10, information and compact tweets are everything to a great profile. Being clever makes all the difference in attractive tweets, being funny is also key, but at the same time, being smart and learning how to compress a lot of info will help you out. You only have so much space and a sure way to lose followers is to spam excessively when you run out of space. Instead, try to be like Aziz Ansari, or maybe Anderson Cooper making great tweets with little effort.

5. Your Account isn’t just for ads or self promotion

5. Your Account isn't just for ads or self promotion

Remember the whole community tip? Well, in addition to that, you’re going to have to buck and start treating everyone because they matter. For businesses, this also means that you have to be a part of the relevant conversation. You don’t just go around looking for places where you can trumpet your products; instead, it also has a lot to do with being a community conscious company. Ask questions, start making mentions of prominent people, and most of all, make sure that you give people a preview of your stuff, like back stage looks at videos and such.

4. Be Relevant

4. Be Relevant

Bouts of nostalgia are nice at times, but constantly throwing back almost counter acts the purpose of a Twitter account. Sure, throwing back to stuff that might have been otherwise overlooked is great, but remember, the latest stuff is where the most people are. For music, make sure to look up the latest albums and trends by following along with contemporary artists, and the same can be said about filmmakers and other artists. This can also be applied to big businesses and small entrepreneurs. If you reside in a smaller city, then make sure to keep up with those trends as well.

3. Tweet a lot but never like you’re spamming3. Tweet a lot but never like you're spamming

Making a lot of tweets a day is all well and good but writing something along the lines of “I’m eating” is never going to deserve a re-tweet. It’s worth reiterating that worthy material will always get more views and have higher chances of being Re-tweeted. So in line with previous tips, make sure that each of your tweets means something, but also have enough numbers to make a dent. This is basically like making a daily quota for yourself.

2. Make sure to follow people that have similar interests

2. Make sure to follow people that have similar interests

Perhaps a big thing that you need to watch out for in followers is that people who are similar to you are always more likely to make the effort to follow you back. Sharing similar interests can give you a lot of the edge because you just might tweet something that starts a long conversation between you and a few other users. For businesses twitter accounts, you’ll have to make sure that you’re reaching out to are closer to home, if you aren’t an international company. That means checking out your locality.

1. Link stuff that is worthwhile1. Link stuff that is worthwhile

Okay, besides retweeting great quotes, writing funny material, and watching the latest trends, there is also a matter of making links. Most of twitter involves tweeting out fun stuff like funny videos, links to great articles, and even news and reviews. Make sure your stuff is the same; don’t bother tweeting cat videos and the like as you have Facebook for that. This matters a lot on how to get more followers on twitter free.

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Top 10 Best WordPress Gaming Themes that are Free of Charge http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-best-wordpress-gaming-themes-that-are-free-of-charge/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-best-wordpress-gaming-themes-that-are-free-of-charge http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-best-wordpress-gaming-themes-that-are-free-of-charge/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 01:55:18 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=320 Online gaming has become a favorite pastime for people of all ages and races. With the kind of easy access provided, there’s no limit as to who can enjoy the breaks of very exciting Internet...

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Online gaming has become a favorite pastime for people of all ages and races. With the kind of easy access provided, there’s no limit as to who can enjoy the breaks of very exciting Internet game. As cyber games continue to rise in popularity, so does gaming blogs. That’s why there is a constant demand for WordPress gaming themes, which are found effective in keeping people hooked and in the same time well informed about the updates in the online gaming arena.

When choosing your blog theme, it is very important that you choose one that will define the contents of your site. Pick something that is pleasing to the eye. Then again, every different person will have a different take on what is pleasing and what is not, depending on their interests. For gaming enthusiasts, we have gathered the 10 best themes that can be applied to WordPress blogs. What’s the next best thing about them? They are free!

1. GamesPress WordPress Theme

1. GamesPress WordPress Theme

This gaming theme is an exciting one with drop-down sub categories and a slider. It is also packed with an easy to use options page so you will not have to worry about customizing. It also enables Gravatars on comments, social media widgets, and social media optimization. This theme is set to take gaming in an online arena to another level.

2. PcGames WordPress Theme

2. PcGames WordPress Theme

This two-column theme is perfect for those sites that intend to put in a lot of widgets. It has an enormous space of three columns at the footer for widgets alone. It is also powered by an admin or option panel that allows users to navigate to whatever customization type they would like to capture.

3. GamesMania WordPress Theme

3. GamesMania WordPress Theme

GamesMania is a premium theme that you can obtain free of charge. It has various options that will make any gaming or entertainment page even more exciting. For one, it has a featured content option where you can place featured articles, invites, info on live events, etc. For another, there is an options page where your site visitors can manage the kind of gaming experience they would like to enjoy. This theme also supports post thumbnails.

4. PlanetGames WordPress Theme

4. PlanetGames WordPress Theme

This gaming blog theme is suitable for all types of gaming niche. It is a two-column theme that supports post thumbnail and featured posts. It also has an admin/options panel that allows users to manage their gaming experience. Plus, it has allowances for Twitter and Facebook users.

5. Super Mario Land WordPress Theme

5. Super Mario Land WordPress Theme

Super Mario has been part of every amazing and memorable childhood. Even while gaming continues to move forward, some people are just left behind with the past, with the Super Mario Land. That’s probably why this is one of the most popular WordPress gaming themes, even in this time and age that computer games are in a different phase altogether. This theme might be primitive because it is about Super Mario but it is also as modern as every gaming theme available in the market. It is functional, with a PageNavi, which allows blogsites to enjoy a numeral page navigation even without a plugin.

6. GameWorld WordPress Theme

6. GameWorld WordPress Theme

This is another free and exciting gaming blog theme. It has a beautiful, no-nonsense layout that allows for lots of options including an admin page and post thumbnails. It is also ads-ready and SEO-ready, so it is deemed perfect not just for those who want to share their gaming pleasures but also those who like doings business alongside.

7. ActionGames WordPress Theme

7. ActionGames WordPress Theme

True to its name, this blog theme is ready for some rough action in the gaming arena. This is most suitable for those whose interest is in action and role-playing. It defines how exciting and immense hard action games are. But there’s more to love about this theme. It supports post thumbnails and has an easy to use option/admin panel.

8. Bingo WordPress Theme

8. Bingo WordPress Theme

Bingo is definitely one of the most popular and favorite games, whether it is in land-based bingo halls or in online bingo rooms. Nothing beats the excitement and social aspect of this game. That’s why there is a gaming theme solely dedicated to bingo. Just like every free gaming theme, this is packed with certain functions that allow for ease of use and easy navigation as well.

9. iSlotGames WordPress Theme

9. iSlotGames WordPress Theme

Slots is a world-renowned casino game. It never decreased in appeal, even when there are various games readily available. It has a nice header, nice three-column layout, and an amazing option/admin panel that allows for customization. It also supports post thumbnail image and featured posts.

10. Blitz Casino WordPress Theme

10. Blitz Casino WordPress Theme

If you are so much into casino gaming, this is one good theme for you to pick. It is armed with the charms of land-based and online casinos combined. The glitz, the glamour, and the colorful streaks are all combined in a nice clean layout, complete with all the functions you need to make your blog site easy to use.

Online gaming is definitely on a roll. It is becoming even more popular with blogsites perusing the best and most amazing WordPress gaming themes that are now available in the market. Since they are also free, there is no need for you to spend anything to enjoy their beauty and functionality, which you can apply to make your blogsite appealing enough for your target audience.

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Top 10 WordPress Music Themes for the Struggling Artist and the Discerning Critic http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-music-themes-for-the-struggling-artist-and-the-discerning-critic/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-wordpress-music-themes-for-the-struggling-artist-and-the-discerning-critic http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-music-themes-for-the-struggling-artist-and-the-discerning-critic/#respond Sun, 19 Feb 2017 13:55:39 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=482 In this era of fast moving Internet denizens, it has never been easier to get your music out there and recognized. Between the different music hosting websites like SoundCloud, and the ever-growing influence of online...

The post Top 10 WordPress Music Themes for the Struggling Artist and the Discerning Critic appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

In this era of fast moving Internet denizens, it has never been easier to get your music out there and recognized. Between the different music hosting websites like SoundCloud, and the ever-growing influence of online artists, music on the Internet is fast outpacing music labels. This is the best time to try your luck in the music scene; of course, there are still some rules on how you should act online. For example, you can’t expect that one little track will get you on the map immediately, and at the same time, you’ll also have to make a website for your tracks. This is where WordPress music themes come in and help you design an awesome website.

10. Dark ‘n Gritty10. Dark ‘n Gritty

For bands that have a dark aesthetic in mind, themes come sparse because not a lot of music is aimed at the emo crowd. However, there are still a few gems out there that really make the cut because they’re plain old pretty to look at, and are fully functional as well. The theme is mostly colored in blacks and grays, giving it that gothic feel while still using some contemporary design features. The layout is pretty standard though, with featured articles being posted in chronological order and with a SoundCloud widget being posted on the right side of the page.

9. Stylico9. Stylico

For musicians that work on electronic stuff instead of live band music, Stylico brings a certain flavor into the equation. The overall theme of the template has to do with the neon blue of club lights, and at the same time, photos and galleries are prominently displayed as you first load up the page. There are separate boxes reserved for dates, featured content, as well as the most popular stuff; all three are arranged neatly below the gallery slider.

8. REplay8. REplay

For bands that wish to create a group page as opposed to a page dedicated to just one band, REply is designed for that purpose. It incorporates the standard pages one might find in an artist page, and multiplies them by several pages. They have an artist page, which caters to the individual musicians under the label, and at the same time, all events are organized to an accurate point. This theme really is for a label and the theme is relatively cheap so even independent labels can make use of it.

7. Muzak7. Muzak

Yet another theme for groups of musicians, Muzak takes a more simplified approach to design. The layout of the main page makes it easy to navigate through the different tracks from each artist, and it also shows off the scheduled gigs with a nifty little descending list on the right hand side of the page. At the same time, it also has a shop and it lists down the exact discography of the artists under the label.

6. Grammy6. Grammy

Okay, so the theme itself won’t be winning any distinguished awards, but on the bright side, it presents the band in a very elegant manner. Boasting intuitive design, which allows for a lot of user friendliness, this theme really showcases the band at its best. Of course, the pages may seem a little bear because every piece of media is separated instead of integrated unto the main page. What makes the difference, however, is that each important social network is posted right up front.

5. Night5. Night

Night is another one of those dark themes, but instead of trying to appeal to the nitty and gritty, it looks more like a nightclub theme. It incorporates a lot of dark blue coloring with a giant sliding gallery that features both music and photos while it scrolls around. Beyond that, the page is populated with very little, only revealing the most recent posts and the music widget that features the many tracks from the artist.

4. Clubber4. Clubber

This one is a lot similar to the other club theme earlier on this list. However, instead of being too simple, it uses the space and maximizes it without compromising the look. The theme looks to be one of the more well thought out ones as you simply scroll to find the stuff you want. Everything from the artists is displayed proudly on the main page; simply scroll down and you should be able to see everything from latest blog entries to the upcoming events.

3. Deposito3. Deposito

Sometimes too much clutter can make a band seem too desperate. For artists that don’t want too much attention drawn to specific parts of the page, then Deposito should be the theme you should check out. It has almost zero clutter and is presented in a black, white, and grey finish that works well with how posts are laid out.

2. Setlist2. Setlist

Setlist is a very pretty theme, but at the same time, it is very pricey. However, with so many features stuffed into one theme, it’s impossible not to understand why. It has countless customization options that span from fonts to even the layout of the page. The default positioning is great though, and the live demo can explain more about how great this theme looks.

1. Live1. Live

Bands online can produce a lot of great music. Given enough time to do so they can make tons of albums. They can also make great websites that can integrate their material, the tracks they sell, and their future events in one simple package. However, Live adds a little extra dimension. This theme is fully functional on mobile devices, and runs smoother than other themes with the same features.

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Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers That are Interesting and Work Best for Them http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-templates-for-photographers-that-are-interesting-and-work-best-for-them/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-wordpress-templates-for-photographers-that-are-interesting-and-work-best-for-them http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-templates-for-photographers-that-are-interesting-and-work-best-for-them/#respond Sun, 19 Feb 2017 01:56:26 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=412 WordPress is the new home for many photographers who want to showcase their talents in photography. It also serves as the haven for those who are photography enthusiasts and find joy in browsing through different...

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WordPress is the new home for many photographers who want to showcase their talents in photography. It also serves as the haven for those who are photography enthusiasts and find joy in browsing through different good pictures. People can, as well, get brilliant ideas on what makes a good photo and how it affects many viewers by looking through the different interesting WordPress sites.

The WordPress online site is not just for photographers alone, however. This can also be a good venue for companies or entrepreneurs who want to market their products and services by posting great photos. All that is needed is to have interesting WordPress templates for photographers that can stir the attention of the viewers. The market value of a brilliant photo will deteriorate if it is not being presented well at the online page. Hence, a good WordPress template is a must-have.

10. Photography10. Photography


Photography is one of the WordPress templates that do not downgrade the quality of the photos presented. This is ideal for both professional and beginner photographers. The clean and grid-like layout of Photography makes it easy for the eyes to browse through the photos. Also, this has a Post Format feature wherein the past photos can be seen in a special slideshow format.

9. SimplePress9. SimplePress


SimplePress is for those who want to have a somewhat corporate feel or business style to the homepage. It is characterized by a clean homepage with minimalist layout. Also, this is ideal for photographers who do not only enjoy posting photos but also post blog articles in the page. Hence, the WordPress page is not just about photos but also stories or online articles that can catch the interest of the viewers. The SimplePress also has well-integrated slider under JavaScript which makes lay outing of photos easier.

8. Multimedia Reloaded8.  Multimedia Reloaded


The Multimedia Reloaded template is for those are not only fond of posting photos but videos as well. It has a clean and user-friendly homepage design which is advantageous not only for the blogger but also for the online visitors or viewers. It has a grid-like homepage design that allows easy browsing of photos and videos. Plus, the Multimedia Reloaded has various media embedding features that make the uploading and arranging of photos/videos so easy and fun.

7. Photolux7.  Photolux


Photolux template is a combination of elegance and power. The color and arrangement of still photos give a certain elegant aura at the homepage while its background color and line fills give it an edgy look. Also, the template is ideal for those who want to showcase their photos at a first glance. Photolux allows the designer/photographer to put a lot of photos in the grid-like design of the homepage. This is made possible by its Pexeto Panel, which makes the management and modification of photos so easy. Photolux has three-color choices for the background – transparent, light and dark. Plus, it allows the owners to customize the page by having a personalized background design.

6. KIN6. KIN


Another interesting WordPress template for photographers is this KIN template. This is called by many as the magazine-type template that allows the posting of both still photos and videos. The homepage is a reflection of at most two large photos that can be considered as the cover page. Plus, it has a slider feature that makes photo browsing more fun and the management of portfolios easier. The KIN template has two kinds of variations, depending on what suits the taste of the owner.

5. Gallery5. Gallery


The Gallery template is a reflection that of an online album wherein one can browse through the thumbnail of photos easily through its sidebar panel. If one opts to zoom in the photo, he just needs to click its thumbnail. What makes Gallery more interesting is that this allows photographers to upload many photos. The photographer will just place the folder of photos to the chosen theme of the Gallery, then the page will automatically arrange the photos according to the chosen theme. This is truly an ideal template of showcasing one’s visual portfolios. In its Admin Panel, the owner can customize the page by changing the color and font style.

4. Photocrati4.  Photocrati


Photocrati is one of the most preferred templates by many photographers who are using WordPress for their photos portfolio. Aside from posting photos, this template also enables blog posting. So, this does not only feed the eyes but it also enriches the mind by reading the blogs. There are different themes under Photocrati; hence, the owner has many options on how his/her page would look like. One can even customize the layout of the page without necessarily going through the coding system. Photocrati is, indeed, a very user-friendly WordPress template. This is ideal for beginners.

3. Wp Foto3. Wp Foto


The Wp Foto template is recommended especially for those who are still starting at the WordPress blogging. This template is easy to manage and photos can be easily arranged accordingly. This is characterized by a single layout feature that allows owners to display folders (archive, category, etc.) of their photos at the homepage. The design of this template is simple and clean. There is enough breathing space at the page since it is not overcrowded with too many photos at a single page.

2. Landscape2.  Landscape


The Landscape template has six available layout choices. So, the photographer or blog owner has enough choices on what kind of layout he/she wants for the page. Plus, this is compatible with BuddyPress feature and allows threaded comments. This makes the page more fun and interesting since people can interact with each other or leave comments about the photos uploaded at the site. The Landscape template is also known for its elegant design that allows the photos to shine, showcasing its beauty and the creativity of the photographer.

1. Origin Responsive WordPress Theme1.  Origin Responsive WordPress Theme


This template is being considered as one of the favorites among WordPress templates for photographers. The sleek layout is a plus, without sacrificing the purpose of the site, which is to showcase all photos. This template allows the photographers to post many photos in a single screen as if telling a story through the arrangement of the photos. The grid design showcases the images in a narrative pattern. What makes this more interesting is that this works well also with mobile phones. So, one can basically browse through the images through his/her mobile phones without being annoyed with too much photo browsing. By a single look, one can already view the photos. This is ideal for photographers who want to post their photos in a very user-friendly template.

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10 Email Marketing Roadblocks That Most Email Marketers Struggle With http://www.bloggrrr.com/10-email-marketing-roadblocks-email-marketers-struggle/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-email-marketing-roadblocks-email-marketers-struggle http://www.bloggrrr.com/10-email-marketing-roadblocks-email-marketers-struggle/#respond Sat, 18 Feb 2017 13:54:27 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=1376 The ability to get into the personal space of the company’s readers to attract them with a specific campaign is beyond powerful. This simple act of sending an email is the company’s gateway to thrive...

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The ability to get into the personal space of the company’s readers to attract them with a specific campaign is beyond powerful. This simple act of sending an email is the company’s gateway to thrive in the jungle of competition and, being the one to do this, the sales of the business is in your hands.

Email Marketing Roadblocks

That’s a pretty big task slumped on every marketer‘s shoulder. Being in this tribe of creating successful companies, you have to deliver results or else you will be dumped. If you are one of those who have been questioned with the results of the campaign you handled, then check whether you are struggling with the same barrier every other marketer have.

1.) Crafting a compelling headline

Understanding the importance of a striking headline will lead the recipients to read through your equally convincing content. Make use of this limited opportunity and direct your prospects to your company’s ads without them noticing it.

2.) Knowing the best time to send the message

Determining the possible situation at the other end of the line should not be taken for granted. It is believed that Mondays and Fridays deliver most results but, though this has been used most often, understanding your list and analytics is also important.

3.) Determining the frequency of email messages

Knowing what is too much or too less is really something email marketers find as a challenge. Determine where and when to send out emails by analyzing interaction rates of the recipients is a lifesaver.

4.) Integrating social media channels

The company’s social media platforms are often overlooked as powerful sources of conversions. Including these in the email you send out will help you determine the preferred platform of their customers.

5.) An overwhelming number of recipients

Know the capability of your service provider with regards to the volume of emails you will be sending. If a company locks in your service for a year, know that their mailing list will not remain the same throughout the year.

6.) Coding the design

A significant knowledge on typography and design is important but above all, knowledge in tweaking the HTML code is important. The size of the template should fit perfectly in every screen and the images should not keep the mail from loading in seconds.

7.) Measuring email performance

There are just too many data to measure email performance – click rate, unsubscribe rate, new subscriptions, website traffic, bounces and conversions are among the list of numbers you have to deliver to your clients. Having limited knowledge with these will also narrow down your clients to a limited number.

8.) Working the way through IP addresses

One of the challenges, and the biggest one I must say, is working through ISPs and getting through the inbox of the clients’ lists. Because of a number of emails you send and the frequency by which you send them, oftentimes, you are thrown in the spam folder of the recipients which is not a good way to sell services.

9.) Testing the template

What most marketers forget is the responsiveness of their design to other devices. The testing phase usually annoys the companies as this takes time. However, creating a responsive email template will improve conversions and CTR.

10.) Retaining the number of subscribers

How do you retain, or better yet, increase the number of the client’s subscribers is a challenge. This calls for knowledge in the overall look, content and frequency of the email.

If you find yourself nodding at these points, then it’s time for you to use a better email marketing strategy to improve your performance. Consider taking workshops and lessons too on how to strengthen your weaknesses and deliver the results your clients are expecting.

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Top Ten Best Design Blogs of 2012 http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-ten-best-design-blogs-of-2012/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-ten-best-design-blogs-of-2012 http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-ten-best-design-blogs-of-2012/#respond Sat, 18 Feb 2017 01:54:58 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=1101 Blogs come in many different forms and the variety that is available today confirm the overwhelming fact that designing blogs has reached new levels in the past year alone. Some blogs discuss general information while...

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Blogs come in many different forms and the variety that is available today confirm the overwhelming fact that designing blogs has reached new levels in the past year alone. Some blogs discuss general information while some are more focused on a single or very specific topic. Among the many categories that people the world over blog about, a significant number seems to be really into reading and searching about the best design blogs on the Internet. Blogs on the topic include plenty of discussions regarding what is new in the designing industry, the available techniques, the dos and don’ts and so much more. The reason why a lot of traffic is directed to such sites is that they are often made to be very interactive so that the readers find much enjoyment in browsing. Here are ten of our favorites.

10. Fuel Your Creativity

10 Fuel Your Creativity

Joel Falconer is the mind behind this one-of-a kind blog, “Fuel Your Creativity.” Even though his profession is an editor, he also does a lot of tweaking on themes and logos for certain people. Nurturing one’s creative side and exploring new creative avenues are the main attractions of this blog. The reader is given access to a number of beautiful ideas on what other people think about – how they view their own creations. It also provides useful insights on how they accomplished certain things. It is a blog where interaction takes place in a very creative environment.

9. David Airey

9 David Airey

Catering to the needs of large companies when it comes to selling their products via the World Wide Web has been the specialty David Airey. And he sticks to it and becomes even better at what he does. Being a graphic designer, he has been servicing multi-national brands in finding their identity and improving branding awareness. His blog is all about his experiences in helping companies gain profit. His blog has tons of history and testimonials where people can learn much from.

8. Behance.net

8 Behance.net

Behance is more of a blog that lets people post their art work and products with hopes of getting hired. It allows designers to capture ideas that other artist have showcased in their posts. This blog allows you to search by categories, which makes is easier especially if you are looking for a certain design or artwork. It allows every designer to freely let the viewers see their designs. And it provides avenues for appreciation and continued patronage of specific artists’ works as well.

7. Blog.SpoonGraphics

7 Blog.SpoonGraphics

If you are really passionate about designing then this blog can be your newest best friend. Blog.SpoonGraphics is loaded with tons of tutorials on Photoshop techniques as well as Adobe Illustrator. It presents useful downloadable sources as well which can guide you in your designing task. Articles can also be read from this blog that discusses design related strategies and projects which you might find helpful in many ways.

6. Information Aesthetics

6 Information Aesthetics

The creation of this blog stemmed from the influence of a professor in Computer Science namely Lev Manovich. He has this very unique view on how information is to be displayed and interpreted using a variety of designs and symbols. His conclusions led to the creation of a blog which defines the relative coherence of design and information put together to bring forth a never before seen visualization. This blog has a compilation of unique projects that represents all sorts of data. Check out a collection that ranges from simple to overwhelming.

5. Toxel

5 Toxel

Toxel offers a compilation of awesome designs which are used for day to day needs. It has tons of information regarding designs using everyday personal stuff like mugs, shoes and shirts. This blog also has articles about creative designs for your bed as well for your chair (if you’re looking for some). Some unique and cool stuff are being posted in this blog which for some could be a trifle weird. Anything out of the ordinary is the main theme of this blog which makes it one of a kind.

4. FlowingData

4 FlowingData

FlowingData is the brainchild of a statistician named Nathan Yau. The purpose of this blog is to guide and help people to understand how data is perceived through visualization and design creation. Everything in this world consist of data, which means that everything can be represented in forms of varying design and structures. This blog has very helpful articles on the subject matter as well as interesting facts about creative design and visualization.

3. inhabitat

3 inhabitat

Evolution is a certainty that cannot be stopped or controlled by anyone. The same principle applies when talking about the evolution of creative designs, architecture and technology. The aim of this blog is to keep people updated and well informed about what’s new in design. It has updates on the trends on home furnishing as well as upcoming technological innovations.

2. Fubiz

2 Fubiz

Fubiz is one of the most well renowned blogs that is purely based on design and innovation. It has made its mark with regular posts of trendy and mind blowing creations that would take your designing curiosity to the next level. It has very helpful articles on what’s new and what is the best design currently available. This blog provides a gold mine of information on any design you could possibly imagine. The coverage is so huge it is even hard to explain where to start. Why don’t you just explore the possibilities yourself?

1. You the Designer

1 You the Designer

The ultimate blog for designers has got to be “You the Designer.” This blog is loaded with a huge compilation of articles on graphic designs. This blog also aims to inform readers about new topics and updates related to graphics and design. It also includes various tutorials to help you through your own struggle with the different aspects of designing. In here, you will also find downloadable and printable templates for various publications. Another cool feature of this blog is that is offers a lot of freebies like downloadable icons, Photoshop brushes, wallpapers as well as vectors.

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Top 10 Free Custom WordPress Themes that are Worth Looking At http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-free-custom-wordpress-themes-that-are-worth-looking-at/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-free-custom-wordpress-themes-that-are-worth-looking-at http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-free-custom-wordpress-themes-that-are-worth-looking-at/#respond Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:55:27 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=1127 Looking for free custom WordPress themes isn’t that hard. There are tons of websites offering a taste of original creations from different designers and developers. Supposedly, nothing is free for the taking, but in order...

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Looking for free custom WordPress themes isn’t that hard. There are tons of websites offering a taste of original creations from different designers and developers. Supposedly, nothing is free for the taking, but in order to get noticed, it is not such as bad idea to give things away once in a while. Creating your own blog requires plenty of effort and time. Using custom themes for instance would let you save a lot of time in building your web project. There are so many to choose from and since there are enough to choose from you will certainly find the right theme for your project. It would require a few tweaks to suit your taste and your blog or web page will look as you’ve imagined it. These themes were made to showcase your content as you have never seen it before. Each and every theme is designed so that you and your viewers would want so much more.

10. Great

10 Great

Great is one of the most responsive WordPress themes that would appeal to any viewer. A distinctive feature of this theme is the incorporation of a translation function that enables the user to view the contents on their native language. The background is not very catchy but you can choose from a list of options to suit your preference. Any blogger would find this theme appropriate to their needs. It might be simple but is it elegant in its own way.

9. Responsive

9 Responsive

Responsive lives up to its name by being a simple yet manageable responsive custom theme. The features of this theme allow you to access anything in you blog without any hindrance or complication. The user interface was designed to maximize the layout of your posts since the area allows you to utilize every inch of the homepage. The design is very plain but with some slight modifications, you can make look more to your taste. There are also widgets that are built in with this theme which you can utilize to fit your preferences.

8. Balloons

8 Balloons

Anything designed with balloons can’t go wrong. This custom theme has a minimalist approach which allows the reader to focus more on the content rather than the background or graphics. This theme is also among the first to use a multiple scrolling feature that allows the user to use the scroll at varying speeds. Even though the designs are only balloons, this theme would be perfect for event blogs or personal blogs.

7. Big Square

7 Big Square

Big Square is a theme that allows for large photos or artwork which takes up almost three fourths of the homepage. As such viewing images and on this theme can be a truly amazing experience. Since this theme allows you to post huge images, it would be suitable for bloggers who want to showcase or sell items. With this, readers will get a nicer view of what you’re offering.

6. Busby

6 Busby

Busby is a free theme and perfect for bloggers who has something to blog about every day. It uses wonderful colors and fonts that make this theme very attractive to view. If you have the knack of blogging on a regular basis, this theme would definitely make increase your following. The design of this theme was made to highlight the posted dates so that your readers will immediately know if you have a new blog. With that in mind, if in any case you were unable to blog for a couple of days, your readers will certainly notice and clamor for more, thanks to the theme.

5. Skeleton

5 Skeleton

Skeleton is a very flexible kind of theme. Setting aside the fact that it is very responsive, this theme is somewhat bare given that the design does not really give you anything much. On the other hand, it allows you to do some modifications on your own. But it is still fully loaded because all the necessary features for a fully functional and interactive theme have been incorporated in it. It also has widgets which you can use on whatever which way you like. Versatility was the aim when this theme was created.

4. Workality

4 Workality

Workality is a very cool theme since it has all the necessary elements in showcasing your effort. This theme is very interactive since it allows you to fully feature your articles, photos and videos in a manner that everyone can appreciate. It is also made to be viewed on any kind of browser. Its scale can also be adjusted to any type of multi-media device. That’s what a responsive theme is all about.

3. Ebuy

3 Ebuy

Creating a blog for ecommerce is steadily increasing. Since more and more people are being engaged in using computers for their day to day activities, it is not a bad idea to use blogs in order to sell some products. It is definitely a great idea since it allows you to fully describe and feature any product you are offering. Testimonials can also be posted on your blog allowing prospective clients know what your business is all about.

2. Fotofolio

2 Fotofolio

Showcasing your content is the most important function of a web page or blog. Fotofolio allows your images do all the talking. It has a very huge area for posting images. With this type of design, readers will be stunned even before they start reading (and that’s actually a good thing). This theme is perfectly designed and the layout looks great. The functions and other features also compliment the needs of the viewers.

1. Polar Media

1 Polar Media

Polar Media is a well designed custom theme. If your blog is all about current events or showbiz news, this theme would suit you perfectly. Polar Media differs in the way that it defines your content. The format it uses is very unique and allows you to fully utilize this theme to its maximum potential. Packed with the features and functions of a well built custom theme, designers and web developers can expect one of a kind web projects using the theme.

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Top 10 WordPress Business Themes That Every Business Owner Must Know About http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-business-themes-that-every-business-owner-must-know-about/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-wordpress-business-themes-that-every-business-owner-must-know-about http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-business-themes-that-every-business-owner-must-know-about/#respond Fri, 17 Feb 2017 01:58:29 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=145 WordPress is the easiest way to coordinate the items on your website that can provide you with consumer traffic in several methods. Nowadays, there are already a lot of business owners who delight in using...

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WordPress is the easiest way to coordinate the items on your website that can provide you with consumer traffic in several methods. Nowadays, there are already a lot of business owners who delight in using business themes because they are very versatile for any kind of business. There are several free WordPress themes on the Internet but choosing the premium one should be your main concern as a business owner. This is because premium WordPress themes will provide you the skill to trademark your website and develop a splendid online store ambience for your readers or visitors. Having an exquisite theme will also make your visitors want to revisit your website over again, which means more leads, more traffic and more income for your business. To help you choose the best theme, here is a list of top 10 WordPress business themes:

10.Striking Premium WP Theme10. Striking Premium WP Theme

Striking is an excellent WordPress theme for business. It is one of the bestselling WordPress themes. This theme is very versatile for people who can develop or make portfolios, blogs and company websites. It also has a top webmaster feature such as featured-posts sliders, image rotator, infinite colors, custom widgets and background loader. If you want to create a business type website, then this theme is perfect for you.

9. U-Design Professional WP Theme

9. U-Design Professional WP Theme

U-design theme is one of the clean, powerful and specialized WordPress themes that fit every user, even to people with a methodical knowledge. This theme is already SEO enhanced with lots of excellent features, which allows you to create a top website in less time. Some of the premium features include lots of colors, more than 200 fonts, custom widget, background widgets, custom sidebar, quick slider, pre-arranged contact page and many more.

8. inFocus WP Theme

8. inFocus WP Theme

inFocus is another type of specialized business WordPress theme. This theme is ideal for portfolio, service and business type websites. The theme itself has a lot of advanced features, several portfolios in 7 outlines, more than 30 coverings, 7 slider effects and 7 custom widgets. It is also an SEO ready theme, has custom menus and many more features. This theme is a must have if you want to make your site popular and productive.

7. Awake WP Theme

7. Awake WP Theme

Awake is another business WordPress theme that has a lot of features. This excellent and specialized theme can help improve the appearance and readability of your website. Some of the primary features include thirty different skins, seven layouts, custom short programs, custom widgets and photo resizing. This theme is also easy to modify and already SEO improved. This theme will surely make your website brighter than ever.

6. Karma WP Theme

6. Karma WP Theme

Karma is an up-to-date and tidy WordPress communal theme. This theme is featured with several 3D effects that will turn your website into a genuine one. Another matter that makes this theme unique from others is that it is translation ready and features an effusively internationalized theme. Karma theme has 20 exclusive page templates, several sidebars, logo creator and specialized contact form maker. It is also an SEO and HTML 5 ready theme, perfect for any business website.

5. Unite WP Theme

4. Display WP Theme

Unite is one the most popular corporate WordPress themes around. This clean and professional theme has various features that can make the appearance of your website more pleasing than before. With its five colorful skins, gallery and jquery slider, superfish drop down option and active JavaScript contact system, your website will be more attractive and fabulous. This theme is ideal for any business owner who wants to make their website more productive.

4. Display WP Theme

4. Display WP Theme

Display WP (WordPress) theme is another business style theme. This specialized theme has three wonderful skins such as light, minimal and dark. The theme is featured with a 3D image slider which can embellish the appearance of your website. It is a powerful looking theme equipped with several features. You’ll surely have a great website if you choose this theme.

3. EcoBiz WP Theme

3. EcoBiz WP Theme

EcoBiz is one of the best business WordPress themes that every business owner is using. The theme is very neat and green which is pleasing to the viewer or reader. It is featured with quick slider and it is the ideal choice for portfolio and company websites. Some of the main features of the EcoBiz theme are the custom background picture, six colorful skins, various page templates and colors, ten custom widgets, contact page and custom side bar. This is the ideal theme for every business or corporate owner.

2. Vulcan WP Theme

2. Vulcan WP Theme

Vulcan is another business and corporate theme that can make the visual appearance of your website more pleasing. This excellent theme is specially designed for simple theme enthusiasts. The Vulcan theme has five colorful layouts with lots of modern features. It has a jquery photo slider that entices visitors or readers. The theme also has six custom page outlines, eight custom widgets, ajax contact form, video shortcode and many more. This theme is perfect for simple business owners that want to improve the market of their website in a simple and quick way.

1. PureVision WP Theme

1. PureVision WP Theme

PureVision WordPress theme is one of the most popular themes for business and corporate websites. This professional and exceptional theme has a lot of advanced features that will provide with all your needs. It has Flashmo Frid slider, JQuery image slider and a PieceMaker quick slider. The theme also has more than 200 fonts, infinite mixture of colors, custom sidebar, five custom widgets, pre-arranged contact page and more. So if you want to make your website outstanding and popular, this theme is the perfect choice.

These top 10 WordPress Business Themes are just a part of various choices of themes for your site. If you fail to choose the right theme for your site and catch the attention of your prospects the first time, it would be difficult for you to encourage and invite your customers again. That is why selecting the right theme for website is always a must, to ensure that you get excellent feedback from your potential visitors and clients.

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