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Bloggrrr.com http://www.bloggrrr.com Thu, 30 Mar 2017 01:59:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Top 10 Free WordPress Mobile Theme Options for Avid Bloggers http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-free-wordpress-mobile-theme-options-for-avid-bloggers/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-free-wordpress-mobile-theme-options-for-avid-bloggers http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-free-wordpress-mobile-theme-options-for-avid-bloggers/#respond Thu, 30 Mar 2017 01:59:09 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=1139 In this era, hand-held mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of features and usage. Majority of computer users, despite the fact that they spend countless hours using their PC, still find...

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In this era, hand-held mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of features and usage. Majority of computer users, despite the fact that they spend countless hours using their PC, still find the time to use their mobile phones to browse the Web. There also comes a point where they use their mobile phones as substitute for their laptops and computers because it is more portable. It is a fact that newly devised mobile phones can compete head to head with other computer devices in terms of performance and reliability. WordPress mobile theme allows bloggers to access their site anytime anywhere using their mobile phones. Having an Internet-ready mobile phone that can view any type of website containing videos, photos and other multi-media elements is quintessential in the 21st century.

10. Tap News

10 Tap News

There are different types of blogs created depending on the blogger’s interest. If you are a news blogger, then Tap News is the best theme for you to use. This theme is designed specifically for IOS, Android and Blackberry devices only. It has very cool features that let you access your blog as if you are using a computer system. One advantage of this theme is that it allows you to change your AJAX and Java effects whenever you like. This flexibility and freedom is perfect for your many needs.

9. iWorld

9 iWorld

Guessing what kind of mobile device iWorld works with does not take rocket scientist genius level. As the name suggests, this mobile theme is designed solely for Apple users. iWorld has jQuery and has a built in ten color scheme for a variety of choices. Using this theme on your Apple device allows you to fully maximize the theme’s full features. It runs perfectly and would certainly give you the blogging experience you’ve been searching for.

8. Breathe

8 Breathe

Falling in love with this one of a kind theme is certain. Breathe is one of the many themes that allows you to fully utilize the many aspects of blogging in the comfort of your mobile phone. This theme is made to be compatible with almost any kind of blog you are working on, making it a very versatile application. Breathe is also the theme to be used for your portfolios since it has a fluid layout.

7. On Demand Mobile

7 On Demand Mobile

If you’re a blogger who loves to put advertisements on your web page, then On Demand Mobile theme will suit your perfectly. This theme is fully functional and caters to all your add posting needs. If you are running a blog where you endorse products you will need a theme that has the necessary features to manage it properly. This theme is also capable of linking Google ads and AdMob ads with its insert feature.

6. DotMobi

6 DotMobi

Blogs can also be about social networking. For the best experience in accessing your blog that involves plenty of social networking then DotMobi is the right theme for you. It is a fully functional stand alone theme that can be used to support others themes that you are already using in your blog. It can also stand just by itself. No modifications are needed for this theme since all the basic functions and plug-ins are already installed. If you are a Twitter fanatic then you will love the Twitter feed function of this theme which you can manually turn on and off.

5. WPtouch

5 WPtouch

This WordPress theme is one of the most used by designers and developers. The user interface is very simple despite the fact that the purpose of making this theme is to be elegant. What’s great with this theme is that it behaves more like an application rather than a rigid theme. It’s very flexible in terms of performance and usage, and that is why bloggers love to use this. This theme was made to be very responsive so that it can be used on almost kind and type of mobile phone.

4. Mobius

4 Mobius

This theme is very versatile in terms of compatibility. Creators of this theme made sure that it would run on any kind of mobile phone. This kind of theme also uses the well known jQuery scripting which makes mobile blogging so much easier. The features of Mobius are sure to cater to all your needs. A bonus of three varying skins are provided in the package.

3. NewsPress

3 NewsPress

NewsPress was made to cater exclusively to Apple enthusiasts. The theme is equipped with features that would work well on a device like the iPhone. It is very user friendly and the design was molded to complement the features of Apple products. This theme is equipped with RSS support as well as push email functions for easy usage and navigation. For a theme that has so many functions (such as jQuery , AJAX and various effects) the size of this theme is comparatively small.

2. Vidley Mobile

2 Vidley Mobile

If your blog features a lot of videos then Vidley is the perfect theme for you. This theme is perfect for bloggers who would want to always be updated with the latest trends. When this theme is used on a smart phone, the videos on your blog can be viewed with great clarity. It is as if you are watching the same video on a personal computer. This theme also allows you to make customized icons and logos. A reminder, this function however is only possible with Apple home screens.

1. HandHeld

1 HandHeld

HandHeld is another great theme that offers high satisfaction to any user. This theme mostly applies to designer blogs as well as blogs that feature a lot of photographs. This theme is also able to read PSD files, which makes it really perfect for viewing images. Another fascinating feature of this theme is that it can be simultaneously used with a theme that you are already using. Posting on this theme has never been easier since it is coded with HTML5 and AJAX functions as well.

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Top 9 Legal Ways to Make Money Blogging Like a Pro http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-9-legal-ways-to-make-money-blogging-like-a-pro/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-9-legal-ways-to-make-money-blogging-like-a-pro http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-9-legal-ways-to-make-money-blogging-like-a-pro/#respond Wed, 29 Mar 2017 13:55:15 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=970 Who would think that blogging can be an income-generating activity? But, it is and you won’t have to do anything illegal to make money blogging. We’re not saying that you can’t do go to extreme...

The post Top 9 Legal Ways to Make Money Blogging Like a Pro appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

Who would think that blogging can be an income-generating activity? But, it is and you won’t have to do anything illegal to make money blogging. We’re not saying that you can’t do go to extreme ends if you need money to make ends meet (hopefully, you won’t). But we’re giving you options that would allow you to earn extra cash and not end up in the Interpol or FBI Most Wanted List. Making a profit from posting relevant content is now a common means for people to support themselves through their studies and adds a significant income to add to everyday expenses. But we’d like to remind you, of the millions of blogs out there, only thousands earn money. Still, the blog elite earn enough to leave their day jobs and do it full time. Here are a number of helpful tidbits to start you out on your profitable blogging career.

9. You’d better have something original to say

9 You’d better have something original to say

First of all, you have to realize that people will pay you for blogging only if you have something to say that people would want to read about. And you should have the tools to say it. To simplify, you’d better have original content and you’d better have some serious writing skill. Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not easy. You’d have to be creative. And to be a successful blogger, you would have to be more creative than hundreds of people who might be saying or writing something similar.

8. Consider self-hosting

8 Consider self-hosting

Before you can make money, you have to have an actual blog and that’s what you have to set up. The choice if platform will determine the income-generating opportunities that you will get. There are a number of free options if you are just starting out. Why invest at the outset when you haven’t made money just yet? Some of the most popular blogging platforms where you can post your original content for free are Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. There are pros and cons to each option and you have to take the time to consider which fits your income-generating goals best. Or you can put up blogs using all three. There are no rules that say you can’t.

7. Find a niche and set down your roots

7 Find a niche and set down your roots

We’re almost down to the actual money-making activities, but this needs to be said. At the outset you have to be clear on your inclinations and interests. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time blogging (yes, that’s the only way you can earn from it), you have to be fully involved. So you have to find out for yourself which of the many topics being talked about online you are interested about and have the knack to write about as well. Most importantly, you have to be knowledgeable about the topic. Creativity goes a long way, but knowledge is the foundation with which you’ll work your way up from.

6. Build an online network from Day One

6 Build an online network from Day One

Traffic is something you get away from in real life, but traffic is what you need to find if you want to make something of yourself as a blogger. Before you even think of search engines and optimization strategies, you can start with old-school e-mail marketing to introduce your blog/s to the rest of the world. Friends, family, and co-workers are the best people to start with, especially if you are well-liked. They would surely use all the strengths of social networking platforms to spread the word about your blog/s. And that helps generate online traffic to your site/s.

5. Promotion, promotion, promotion.

5 Promotion, promotion, promotion.

There’s a reason why you are working for hours on end building your blog. You want people to see it. And if no one is visiting, how will you earn money (we’ll get to that soon, don’t worry)? You have to interact, communicate, shout out, promote, promote, promote. Make flagship content. Ask friends to share and link to your sites. Take advantage of the promotional powers of social networking platforms and multiply your exposure by likes, hearts, and thumbs up. Let the world know that you and your blog exists and you are worth taking time out from their work to read and browse.

4. Offer yourself up to freelance work

4 Offer yourself up to freelance work

And now we’ll start talking about making money. Once you’ve established yourself and your blogs in the World Wide Web, you will have more opportunities at earning extra money if you market your skills as a freelancer. Aside from blogging, you can market your skills as a writer, graphic designer or consultant in whatever niche or topic you are good at. Many successful individuals actually use their blogs to present their online portfolio to the Web.

3. Apply to AdSense

3 Apply to AdSense

This is passive income, but don’t misunderstand. You have to work on your blog before you’d even get approval from AdSense. They do have a set of rather stringent criteria, and if your blog does not reach their standards, then you’ve got to work on it some more before you get check with an impressive number of zeros. It would be better if you explore the requirements of AdSense yourself, but if your blog is not yet a month old, don’t bother just yet. Longevity and traffic are AdSense requirements. But once you’re in and the ads format you’ve chosen is the perfect fit for your blog, then you’re in for a treat.

2. Infiltrate affiliate advertising networks

2 Infiltrate affiliate advertising networks

Since we’re on the subject of blogs, one sure way to earn money is to be part of affiliate advertising networks. The system is quite simple, really. Affiliate programs are provided by affiliate networks which act as middleman. The website owner is given rewards (income!) for his or her marketing efforts that bring potential clients to their programs. Some even offer revenue shares. You may start out by joining networks that do not require fees and start building your extra income from there.

1. Private Advertisement and Sponsorship

1 Private Advertisement and Sponsorship

The best thing about this money-making strategy is that you can choose which ads you want to put in your blogs. There are so many advertisement sizes and types to choose from, and that’s what makes this fun and income-generating at the same time. There are no guarantees though that all the ads you allow will earn you money and this is where you exercise your business savvy. Here’s our advice. Wait a couple of months and if you earn fifty dollars with one ad, then keep it. If not, the space ought to be occupied by the next item on your waiting list.

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Top 10 Free Online HTML5 Templates Sources for Quick and Easy Web Designs http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-free-online-html5-templates-sources-for-quick-and-easy-web-designs/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-free-online-html5-templates-sources-for-quick-and-easy-web-designs http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-free-online-html5-templates-sources-for-quick-and-easy-web-designs/#respond Wed, 29 Mar 2017 01:55:41 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=1067 In order to make a working web page, knowing the basics of design and markup language is essential. HTML5 is now the in-thing in web page creation. Without this tool, it would be impossible to...

The post Top 10 Free Online HTML5 Templates Sources for Quick and Easy Web Designs appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

In order to make a working web page, knowing the basics of design and markup language is essential. HTML5 is now the in-thing in web page creation. Without this tool, it would be impossible to even begin your project. If you are already familiar with the steps and procedures in making a working web site, then the next thing to do is to search for examples of free HTML5 templates so that you will have a starting material. You no longer need to manually create your own from scratch, unless you have the time and the skill. Using templates from free sources will not only save you money time as well. Since there are plenty of templates to choose from, you can certainly create your web project with ease.

10. Vintage Template

10 Vintage Template

The design elements of a web page will depend largely on the taste of the developer. If you are of those who prefer a web project that needs to look and feel old, then Vintage is the perfect HTML5 template for you. It is loaded with wonderful classic designs and graphics that would fit your retro preferences. Rather than making do with templates which cost you a lot of money, you can go for Vintage because it would not charge a penny. There will be tons of options to choose from and all are made based on the highest standards.

9. Elliot

9 Elliot

If the web page you are working on will be used for showcasing products and graphic designs, Elliot is the template to use. This open source template is packed with skins and backgrounds suitable for your showcasing products. It offers features that will make your project the perfect choice for bloggers who want to attract Internet surfers. This template is equipped with video pop-up as well as image display options on every gallery so that you can properly extend to the viewers what your products and services are all about.

8. Zenith

8 Zenith

Every now and them, a huge software company would give freebies just to show appreciation to those who use their products. There’s actually an underlying reason for giving away freebies, and this is to let beginners or even prospective users get a feel of the products that they have to offer. Zenith is no exception. It had just released a free template for e-commerce purposes. Even though it is simple in its sense, getting a useful and versatile tool for free is still a good deal.

7. Halftone

7 Halftone

Halftone is somehow similar to Vintage. It is also suitable for personal blogs and product description as well as portfolios. It has a very basic web page set up which allows you to post blogs and maps on the front page. The designs can be categorized as responsive and it would certainly fit anyone’s taste. If you’re not choosy and simplicity is your aim, Halftone would definitely be the tool for you.

6. Dark Folio

6 Dark Folio

Dark Folio is a template suitable for single page web sites. It is merely simple in nature but it does pack a punch when filled with all the details you would want to place on your web page. This theme is so responsive it can be browsed with almost any kind of browser on any mobile platform or computer device. Simple yet elegant, Dark Folio is one of the best templates to use in showcasing whatever it is you want to show off. The most important feature of this template is that it is free, and for some that’s all they need to know.

5. Online Media

5 Online Media

If you are looking for a template intended for media web sites, then Online Media is the perfect tool to use. Colored in black, this media template radiates elegance. This would be perfect if your web project is all about gaming systems, gaming, media headlines, mobile software and phones as well as computer peripherals and components. Anything associated with any media device or purpose will definitely suit this remarkable template. Since it is also made to be responsive, it can be used for any PC or mobile device using every browser in existence.

4. StarBlaze

4 StarBlaze

With the building blocks of creativity and beauty, StarBlaze was born. This is meant to be an open source template that exudes elegance and perfection. It has great features and the most prominent of which is the very cool hover menu. (You will find this at the top of the page). It is also capable of producing slideshows than can be viewed with icons. The effects are quite stunning.

3. Emporium

3 Emporium

Free website templates such as Emporium helps a lot of people. This is especially true to those who are only starting to get the grasp of web creation. Being free of charge, Emporium not only provides one portfolio style for you to use but five. Imagine having fives styles which you can choose from and not having to pay anything at all. Another feature of this free template is that it includes two home sliders that would make your web page lovelier.

2. Proximet

2 Proximet

Proximet is one of the most famous web creation templates that plenty of designers and developers use. It offers a variety of options to make your template gorgeous and attractive. The most prominent feature of Proximet is its compatibility to virtually any browser you use. It is also compatible with any computer system you use at home or at work. This template is very responsive and also includes beautiful buttons and icons.

1. Digy

1 Digy

According to users, Digy is a peerless website template. This remarkable piece of tool is loaded with high quality effects and features that would make your web project stand out from the rest. Digy got a good amount of attention when it was announced that a free template for your web creation needs will be made available. Since it has very powerful features, plenty of users will not only have fun using this tool, but would also end up making marvelous web pages of their own. Digy has been tested to run on almost any browser available as well as any type of operating system, whether Android or iOS.

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Top 10 Benefits of Having a WordPress Squeeze Page for Your Blogs http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-benefits-of-having-a-wordpress-squeeze-page-for-your-blogs/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-benefits-of-having-a-wordpress-squeeze-page-for-your-blogs http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-benefits-of-having-a-wordpress-squeeze-page-for-your-blogs/#respond Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:54:30 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=363 Online marketing using WordPress is deemed ideal by many bloggers, especially among those who are still starting with this kind of business, as very useful. It enables them to reach out to a wide variety...

The post Top 10 Benefits of Having a WordPress Squeeze Page for Your Blogs appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

Online marketing using WordPress is deemed ideal by many bloggers, especially among those who are still starting with this kind of business, as very useful. It enables them to reach out to a wide variety of audience without necessarily going to different places. All you have to do is sit in front of your computer and develop your online blog site. You can simply do this at the comfort of your home. Meanwhile, many experts emphasize the importance of WordPress squeeze page. This serves as the “landing page” for you to gather information about your target market.

Many bloggers have taken for granted the importance of this so-called landing page because they prioritize on the content and layout of their pages. This should not be the case. The squeeze page is as important as having good traffic to your blog. In the squeeze page, you can get the details of your target consumer by having his/her name, address and contact details. By having these details, you can easily reach them through e-mails to further promote the products/services, which you are advertising in your blog. This also translates good money generation in your part. The following are some the advantages of having a squeeze page:

10. You are keeping with the race10. You are keeping with the race


Come to think about it; almost all bloggers in the world are having WordPress squeeze page. Hence, you too should have one. This is to keep your blog at par with what is latest in the market. This will not leave you out from the race and keeps your blog going good in the market. Also, advertisers prefer to tap bloggers that have good squeeze pages in order to determine the number of people who are interested in their products/services. Always update the layout and style of your squeeze page. In this way, viewers and endorsers alike will never get tired of visiting your blog.

9. Profile of your target market9. Profile of your target market


It is not always what you think is right. You might think that your target market is the Market A but, in fact, it changes and it suddenly becomes Market B. You will never know this sudden change if you do not have the profile of your viewers. And this can only be achieved if you have squeeze page in your blog. You will be able to know the income and jobs of your prospective clients through the squeeze page wherein they are made to fill-up some details.

8. Other pertinent information of your market8. Other pertinent information of your market


Aside from being able to determine which market group your prospective buyers belong, you also be able to know them through their addresses, age, names and contact details. It is nice to know these details even if you do not know them personally. This gives a sort of fulfillment in your part as a WordPress user who is using the blog for marketing purposes. You do not only know the presence of these people in your blog but you also get to know who they are.

7. More marketing strategies7. More marketing strategies


The squeeze page allows you to know the contact details of your market group. Even if they will not proceed in purchasing the products or services you promoted, still you were able to get the details of where they can be contacted for future marketing purposes. In here, you can have a record of their e-mail addresses. When you are advertising another product or services, you can email to them the advertorials. This can also be used in informing them on the updates of a certain product and service that they once almost purchased. At your end, as the blogger, you keep on reaching out to them through these e-mailed advertorials.

6. People will know more about your products/services6. People will know more about your productsservices


At the header portion of the WordPress squeeze page is an introduction about the product/service being promoted. People will have an idea what the product is all about and what company is producing them. In here, people will know the quality of the products and how can they purchase it. Of course, they cannot buy it immediately if they will not fill-up the areas in the squeeze page that requires some necessary information about them.

5. Promoting the benefits5. Promoting the benefits


Aside from the main idea about the products/services being promoted at your WordPress page, people will also know about the advantages of the products. There is a portion at the squeeze page wherein they will know the benefits they can get if they buy the products or purchase the services offered by the companies you are promoting. This is also a good marketing venue because in this part of the squeeze page, you can enumerate in bullets the different benefits of having the products. Prospective buyers need not go through reading the long product reviews because it is being enumerated in this portion of squeeze page the concise explanation on the benefits of the products/services.

4. Testimonials4. Testimonials


The benefits and good values about the products/services being promoted are further construed by testimonies of people who have tried the products. At the squeeze page, there is a portion wherein testimonials are being posted. These are coupled with photos of people who have gained so much from the products, which are being promoted. This is a very good marketing strategy especially that this is a first-hand experience of those who have tried the products/services.

3. Get into action3. Get into action


It is not enough that you just put the squeeze page and advertise the products/services that you want to promote. You need to get your audience get into the action. They should take at least the first step of having the products/services right on their hands. This can only be achieved if they fill-up the form at the squeeze page. If they were able to do this, this means that they are very interested in buying the product or subscribing to the service. At your end, this is good news because this means your online marketing task is accomplished and that your client company/entrepreneur will surely compensate this fulfillment by paying you the intended fee.

2. This comes for free2. This comes for free


What makes squeeze page more interesting is that you need not pay in order to have this kind of page in your blog. This is free along with the owning of domain for your blog site.

1. Effective marketing method1. Effective marketing method


The WordPress squeeze page has been tried-and-tested to be effective in the online marketing world. Why? You are not only advertising the products/services but you are also making the people buy the products or purchase the services. This is not just about words, but this is all about actions. No wonder, almost all bloggers are having squeeze pages in their blogs.

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10 Most Common Mistakes Made When Delivering Online Training http://www.bloggrrr.com/10-common-mistakes-made-delivering-online-training/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-common-mistakes-made-delivering-online-training http://www.bloggrrr.com/10-common-mistakes-made-delivering-online-training/#comments Tue, 28 Mar 2017 01:54:45 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=1385 Let’s face it, a lot of things can go wrong when preparing and delivering a training program – and they often do, even with maximum preparation. Here, we highlight 10 of these which are within...

The post 10 Most Common Mistakes Made When Delivering Online Training appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

Let’s face it, a lot of things can go wrong when preparing and delivering a training program – and they often do, even with maximum preparation. Here, we highlight 10 of these which are within the control of the persons designing and delivering the training, and share some easy fixes that will help you to design an exceptional online training course.

Online Training Mistakes

These apply to both those who are creating a course for the first time or those who are converting traditional, or face-to-face training, to e-courses. Let’s get into it…

  1. Not defining audience and objectives

Creating a training course without knowing details of your audience (or potential audience) and what you are trying to achieve is like driving without a destination – pointless. You need to know your starting point – the background and educational level of your audience – and what they are expected to learn through your course, so you can include only what’s necessary to achieve the desired results. Otherwise, you may end up boring experts with basic definitions, or losing novices by going too in-depth without explaining core principles.

  1. Using traditional courses as online courses

While it’s tempting to upload slides that you use for an in-person training course for use as an online training course, it’s not advisable. There are a few elements of traditional courses that are not always replicated in digital courses which will affect the experiences of your students.

Traditional courses take place in a controlled, classroom-type environment with a tutor present to set the pace of the course, explain and demonstrate concepts and answer questions. There are varying types of online courses that offer different experiences. Some will be held at a specific time with the tutor present, allowing for questions and demonstrations; while others are self-paced where each student does it by themselves in their own time.

It is important, therefore, that when converting a traditional course to an online course, the method of delivery is taken into account. Slides should be adjusted accordingly and you may have to introduce an additional platform for persons to communicate with the tutor and other students if they have questions.

  1. Not being prepared to train

Being an expert in your field doesn’t necessarily make you qualified to train others. It is important to understand training techniques and learning methods to ensure that you convey your knowledge in the most effective manner. Additionally, trainers must prepare a script or speaking points prior to training to ensure they deliver everything they need to, or they risk forgetting or stumbling during the presentation.

  1. Including too much information

As mentioned in mistake 1, every training course should have an objective and you should only include the material necessary to achieve this objective. Include too much information and you risk confusing participants and reducing knowledge retention. If you have a lot of information to share, use graphics to break up the monotony of pure text or consider breaking down the course into units or modules.

  1. Random graphics

All graphics included in your presentation should serve a purpose. Throwing in random graphics that are unrelated to the presentation or too flashy will distract your audience and distort your message. Also, aim for a cohesive look across your presentation by using an existing template or creating your own images with tools such as PicMonkey and Canva.

  1. Failing to include real world examples

The best way to demonstrate a new concept to someone is helping them to associate it with a real world example with which they are familiar. It also helps to use examples that are as closely related to their jobs, industry or business as possible. This helps them to understand and apply the concept to their own work.

  1. Not allowing for interaction and engagement

It’s unlikely that you will be able to see your students and interact with them during an online course. A good way to keep them interested and engaged is to encourage participation through in-course activities such as polls, for live group training, and mini-quizzes. You can make this a part of your slide deck and have participants submit responses through a separate chat platform or use a tool like ClickWebinar, which has this feature built in.

  1. Not assessing retention and application of knowledge

Once you’ve taught the concept and provided an example, the next step is to test your students to ensure they grasped the concept well and that they can apply it as needed. The best courses have a quick assessment after each module or section. Not only will this also students to know where they need to review, it might help you in noticing flaws in the course.

  1. Lack of group/team exercises

Group exercises often help students to learn from others through observation of their peers, or see how their role fits into the overall process. Since most online training programs are delivered to individuals, it’s difficult to organize group exercises, but not impossible. Create a forum where students can talk with their peers and design exercises and final scores to include a peer-reviewed element. Coursera, a website which offers courses from top universities, does an excellent job of this by giving extra points to students who participate in forums and rate other students’ submissions.

  1. Using out-of-date content

Nothing says lack of preparation quite like an example that hasn’t been relevant for years. If you’re running a live training, be sure to review your slides and examples to ensure that they are relevant and current. If you have a self-paced course online, check it every few months to see that the material is still relevant. If you’re designing a course for someone else, make sure they have a copy of the editable file to make changes as necessary.

Overall, always take your platform, audience and content into consideration to maximize the benefits you and your students get from your online course. Additionally, it is always best to test your course on a small scale first with someone that is representative of your audience, to get relevant feedback and identify any potential issues.

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Writing Skills that Have Been Guaranteed to Work by Many Successful Writers http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-ways-to-improve-writing-skills-that-have-been-guaranteed-to-work-by-many-successful-writers/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-ways-to-improve-writing-skills-that-have-been-guaranteed-to-work-by-many-successful-writers http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-ways-to-improve-writing-skills-that-have-been-guaranteed-to-work-by-many-successful-writers/#comments Mon, 27 Mar 2017 13:55:06 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=792 Writing is not just for writers. Every professional who is required to submit a report (and this is true for students as well) needs to improve writing skills to be more effective communicators. “Practice makes...

The post Top 10 Ways to Improve Writing Skills that Have Been Guaranteed to Work by Many Successful Writers appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

Writing is not just for writers. Every professional who is required to submit a report (and this is true for students as well) needs to improve writing skills to be more effective communicators. “Practice makes perfect” is good advice, but in some situations it is not nearly enough, and writing happens to be one of those situations. Here are 10 recommendations that you may or may not be induced to try. But they have worked for some people and most of them are writers in the real sense of the word.

10. Read about writing10 Read about writing

It’s not just about reading about writing tips. What we mean by this is, reading about the craft of writing. If you want to be a better writer, or a good one for starters it would help a lot to read about the writing process of other writers. There’s enough written out there for those who want to read it. The tips are helpful of course, but it helps to know enough how writing is done by those who do it very well. Fortunately, many skilled writers have put down their experiences and the lessons that they have learned about writing.

9. Invite feedback and learn from it9 Invite feedback and learn from it

Feedback is not meant to criticize. Its main design is to gain perspective on the work that you have done in the point of view of another person. It is always useful to hear about how the writing that you have done has affected others. And in a more technical sense, other people with alternative ideas can contribute to the betterment of the writing output. Getting feedback is the most immediate means of improving a written document. It is also a means of learning about your own skill and finding about how else you can improve.

8. Be clear and concise8 Be clear and concise

Even if the whole thing clocks three thousand words, it’s okay. Keeping it short only means being mindful of the length of each line. It is well known fact that shorter lines get absorbed better and much faster than longer ones. If you string together one complex sentence after another and not give the reader a chance to breathe, then you run the risk of not being understood—or worse, being misunderstood—and they won’t even notice how well you use punctuation, because it will all be for naught. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Stay on target. After all, you write to convey ideas and you want those ideas to reach your audience and be understood by them.

7. Write as if you’re ten people

7 Write as if you’re ten people

Most people who will be reading this are writers whose work requirements involve sitting in front of a computer for at least an afternoon writing about ten or so topics for short articles. This type of workload entails writing in different “voices” given the requirements that they need to complete for the day. Even the most talented writers needed to write in different voices in order to develop their craft. If you want to be a good writer and don’t necessarily have a workload to finish, sit down and write about one topic from the point of view of ten different people. It takes practice to develop such skill and disciplines. But it makes you a much better writer in the end.

6. Read books, or listen to books if that’s what you prefer

6 Read books, or listen to books if that’s what you prefer

Reading books make good writers. Now, that ought to be taught in schools. We do not know of any good writers who did not read until lights out. Love for the written word creates writers. If you want to be a better writer but do not care to manually open pages, get a Kindle or a tablet, or just read downloaded books and read from your smartphone. If you don’t like to read anything no matter what the medium is, get an earphone and download audio book files.

5. Write and set aside time to write

5 Write and set aside time to write

Everyday is another day for writing. If you are intent on learning about writing and being good at it, then you have to make the effort. In the same way, if you write everyday, then you get to grab at every opportunity that presents itself everyday. It starts with developing good writing habits that are all founded on discipline. To become better at writing, it has to be integral in your life.

4. Be creative

4 Be creative

Writing is an art form no matter how much of it is bound with rules, the wellspring of writing comes from creativity. Even if you are involved in technical writing, it remains a creative process.

3. Proofread and edit

3 Proofread and edit

It doesn’t hurt to take second (or third) look at your writing output will always be mistakes due to neglect or inattention or maybe limitations in your typing skills. In terms of composition, there are situations where you would even need to sleep on it and look at it again the next day. Editing and proofreading are two habits nurtured and practiced by good writers. If you want to be a better one then you would do the same.

2. Know the rules of grammar

2 Know the rules of grammar

Style makes things exciting and keeps things interesting for both you and the reader. But style has to be grounded on grammatical rules. The rules of grammar are meant to assist you in conveying your ideas to the reader so that nothing is lost and/or misinterpreted. No matter what style or voice you use, you must not sacrifice proper grammar, especially if you want to be a better writer.

1. Be not afraid1 Be not afraid

Be courageous and do not be afraid to make mistakes or fail in your efforts. Be open to all the challenges and consider each and every one another opportunity to learn how to become a better writer.

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Top 10 Creative WordPress Themes That Can Spice up Your Blog http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-creative-wordpress-themes-that-can-spice-up-your-blog/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-creative-wordpress-themes-that-can-spice-up-your-blog http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-creative-wordpress-themes-that-can-spice-up-your-blog/#respond Mon, 27 Mar 2017 01:54:28 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=271 Blogs are a means to show off personality, and that’s one fact that should be emphasized. Because of the rush of tons of people looking to make money, or maybe just to make their mark...

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Blogs are a means to show off personality, and that’s one fact that should be emphasized. Because of the rush of tons of people looking to make money, or maybe just to make their mark on the Internet, it also means that they are fast becoming clones of one another. It’s plain fact after all, so most often, the uniqueness of a blog is usually dictated by content and quality. There is another way, however, to make an impression on the denizens of the Internet and that is the design of your blog. This specifically targets the blog you own on your WordPress themes. Of course, editing the code to make it unique can be a hassle so at the end of it, you’ll have to start relying on creative WordPress themes from some very kind designers.

10. Trim

10. Trim

Do you have this thing for a simplistic design, coupled with quite a few features and designs attached to it? Well, for tastes that border on the easy to use, there is the Trim theme, which goes for about $39. This theme boasts of pretty layouts coupled with tons of shortcodes and a few sub themes within it as well. The developers are constantly updating the program, and you should also receive a ton of support should the need arise. It’s also great for the mobile, as it is very responsive.

9. Modernize

9. Modernize

Yet another theme aimed at those that want a great looking theme without too much hassle in designing. Modernize looks great, and on top of that, it also feels great to use it. Creativity in this theme is highly centered on the features and on the ease of use for even the most under skilled WordPress users. You see, this theme uses the iconic “Drag and Drop” design, which is found in most of any operating system. This enables you to modify pages and modules with a simple swipe and move.

8. Right Now

8. Right Now

This theme is stands a bit apart from the rest of the items on this list and there’s a big reason for that. You see, this theme concentrates on visual media and audio. It mixes them together to make a very high-energy theme, which boasts everything from a playlist function, to an easy to control Mobile mode. It also has a sleek layout for users viewing the site, but has more features when it comes to editing and customization.

7. Nostalgia- Portfolio

7. Nostalgia- Portfolio

Nostalgia is a theme, which seems to be dedicated to only one thing and that is photography. Boasting slide views and multiple pages, it is exactly what is advertised – a form of portfolio that is best used for photography, or those who specialize in photo editing. As a little add-on, it also boasts of a blog layout, which is of course used for a blog.

6. Un Altro

6. Un Altro

If you check out the preview for this little theme, you might notice the huge splash image in the main page of the theme. This is what makes Un Altro a unique and creative theme for WordPress as it boasts both elegance and a simplicity in design. It’s also great for blogging with a bit of photo sharing as the layout allows for eye-catching design.

5. Big Bang

5. Big Bang

A common recurring theme among almost all WordPress themes is that they all have to be very responsive. Since the rise of stuff tablets and touch screen phones, it’s been more of a requirement. Big Bang is responsive, boasts tons of short codes and the latest support for internet coding like HTML 5, and at the same time, it’s probably the most uniquely laid out themes in this list.

4. Super Skeleton

4. Super Skeleton

Like the name suggests, this theme is like a skeleton lay out. It is very minimalist in design but translates that design between devices smoothly and easily. There are three main styles to choose from, but the black one looks much sleeker.

3. Creative Single Page Portfolio

3. Creative Single Page Portfolio

Portfolios are often regarded as very complicated. This is because a lot of the time, they need to be detailed. This theme does not follow that idea, and instead opts to make the best out of a one-page layout. Creative can contain tons of photos or images, a detailed text entry for your credentials, and all conveniently in one page.

2. Half Tone

2. Half Tone

In one word, Half Tone can and should be referred to as retro. The color scheme, layout, and logos are all very reminiscent of the 50’s. The design aesthetic is also very well constructed, allowing users simple page navigation and detailed descriptions of each post.

1. Sky

1. Sky

Among this list are creative themes. Some do so in look and design, while others simply enable people to have an easier time with posting and blogging. Sky does all these things while still managing to surprise users with pretty awesome looks and a sense of whimsy that you simply can’t find in any other theme. It thus ranks among the top for creative WordPress themes.

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Top 10 of Best WordPress Widgets to Put and Style Your Website http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-of-best-wordpress-widgets-to-put-and-style-your-website/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-of-best-wordpress-widgets-to-put-and-style-your-website http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-of-best-wordpress-widgets-to-put-and-style-your-website/#respond Sun, 26 Mar 2017 13:56:05 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=731 Many people love to write. Writing is their hobby or a form of relaxation and they write about topics that range from the simple to the complex. The advancement of technology provides huge help for...

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Many people love to write. Writing is their hobby or a form of relaxation and they write about topics that range from the simple to the complex. The advancement of technology provides huge help for those who love to write and express their thoughts, opinions and so on. Through technology, people can know write online and blog what they think of or blog about something informative. In 2003, WordPress was introduced and to this date, this is the most used system in blogging in the World Wide Web. People utilize WordPress because it is free tool and it is an open source tool as well. You can manage the blog content here based on the simple platform of MySQL and PHP. Some of the best features of WordPress are that it has built in template and plug-in system. WordPress users can change the theme of their blog site anytime them want without losing its content. Aside from plug-ins and themes, WordPress also features widgets. These are the small modules offering the users the popular drag-and-drop tool or sidebar content implementation and placement of several extended abilities of plug-ins. The widgets permit the developers of WordPress in adding more functionality to their websites. Some of the best WordPress widgets are commonly seen in most visited and read blog site. If you are trying to start a blog site with WordPress, you may want to know the widgets that will give enhance feature and usability for your blogging site.

10. Feedburner Circulation10.Feedburner Circulation

This widget, the Feedburner Circulation WordPress, will make it possible for you to display the number of your subscribers. You can see this at the top right corner of your blog site. Through this, you can have a count of the people subscribing to you. You can use this widget as a tool in improving your content.

9. Digg Digg Social Sharing9.Digg Digg Social Sharing

Digg Digg Social Sharing is a widget for WordPress in which you can utilize and harness the power of social networking in your blog site. There will be an icon for this and they are usually situated in place that are easy to see and user. For readers, simply clicking the social networking icons will prompt it that your content will be posted to the newsfeed of their social networking site homepage and more and more people will be able to see and read your articles/blogs.

8. SEO Smart Links8.SEO Smart Links

The SEO Smart Links are widgets usable for people who are doing inter-linkage of the articles they have posted in their blog site. Article linking is recommended and one of the best ways of building ‘Page Rank’ all over your blog site. Another benefit of using SEO Smart Links is that you are making your other blogs or articles accessible and available to your readers in that webpage in which that article is inter-related. This widget will do inter-linking of the keywords to other articles.

7. WP-PageNavi7.WP-PageNavi

If you are into blogging (writing and reading), you probably see the link/button ‘Older Posts’ and/or ‘Newer Posts’. They are still useful; however, there are modern and innovative ways of navigating throughout your blog site and this is with the use of WP-PaveNavi. This widget will allow you to attain the page buttons for your readers/users in which they can go directly to any page they desire to see. Style and design-wise, this widget is way cooler than the plain links.

6. Thank Me Later6.Thank Me Later

The Thank Me Later widget is another great widget to have in your WordPress-based blog site. This widget will work by sending an email to every first-time visitors to your blog site. It is possible for you to write up or create the email in order to remind your visitors about your RSS feed or write email about inviting them to connect with you again personally.

5. WP-DBManager5.WP-DBManager

The WP-DBManager widget provides amazing tool in backing up your blog site. It essentially has few yet significant functions especially in sending an email to you containing the whole WordPress database on a daily basis. This is a great back up when something terrible happen to your blog site.

4. MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja4.MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja

The MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja widget enormously cuts down the amount of time it will take to promote the affiliate products all over your blog site. Some of it works is to converts keywords that you will identify, do tracking of the clicks and many more. There is no need for you to keep pursuing your affiliate links especially when they are stored up in your dashboard because this widget will be the one to do the job for you.

3. Gravity Forms3.Gravity Forms

The Gravity Forms widget is the best widget you can use for the forms. This one can create posts, permits uploading of images and media, permission of the conditional logic and many more. You can say that this widget is like an all-in-one form for WordPress based blog sites.

2. HeadSpace – WordPress SEO Made Simple2.HeadSpace – WordPress SEO Made Simple

The HeadSpace: WordPress SEO Made Simple widget provides the user with the features that every users need in driving the ranking of their blog site to the top of most Search Engines. There are lots of people who are spending too much time functioning and engaging on SEO and there is little time in writing excellent content for it. This widget will help users by putting back the focus to its ideal place because it will take care of the entire SEO works that the blog sites need.

1. W3 Total Cache1.W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache is one of the best widget for WordPress based blog sites. First and foremost, this widget makes it possible for your webpages to load faster. Second, this widget stores the static versions of your blog site and it will just need less processing from your CPU than the use of WordPress by itself.

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10 Best Blog Post Ideas To Keep Your Topics Fresh http://www.bloggrrr.com/10-best-blog-post-ideas-to-keep-your-topics-fresh/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-best-blog-post-ideas-to-keep-your-topics-fresh http://www.bloggrrr.com/10-best-blog-post-ideas-to-keep-your-topics-fresh/#respond Sun, 26 Mar 2017 01:54:42 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=932 Have you ever felt like you were running out of new blog post ideas to write? After writing several posts for the past years, you may feel like you have written about everything that there...

The post 10 Best Blog Post Ideas To Keep Your Topics Fresh appeared first on Bloggrrr.com.

Have you ever felt like you were running out of new blog post ideas to write? After writing several posts for the past years, you may feel like you have written about everything that there is to write. You are not alone as a lot of bloggers feel the same way. However, there are actually several ways on how you can write fresh topics on your blog.

10. Read Comments from Your Blogs

10. Read Comments from Your Blogs

Sometimes, you don’t have to search elsewhere to find new blog topics to write. Read the comments posted by readers on your own blog. They may have posted something that you can write about. Some readers may also post questions concerning your blog. You can answer these questions and make them as topics on your posts. This way, readers will become more engaged in reading your entries as the subjects are things that they are interested to know.

9. Check Out Forums

9. Check Out Forums

This is one of the best sources of information that you can go to. Find popular forums that talk about the topics that you write about on your blog. Several people join these forums and interact with each other asking questions and posting ideas, answers, information and tips on various subjects. This is like getting fresh ideas from all the people that participate on the forums. If two heads are better than one, this is certainly far better.

8. Read Other Blogs on the Same Niche

8. Read Other Blogs on the Same Niche

Visiting blog sites of other bloggers that write on the same topics as you will be a huge help. You may find subjects that you have not tackled before. Furthermore, you can get their views and ideas and learn various things, which can help widen your knowledge. Check their comment sections as well so you could see the conversation between the writers and the readers. As mentioned, you may get new topics to write from their suggestions, questions and answers.

7. Write New Topics from Old Blogs

7. Write New Topics from Old Blogs

After writing hundreds of blogs for the past years, it’s understandable why you might be running out of ideas to write on your blog site. You can make use of the past blogs you wrote as you can get new subjects to write from them. You may use a specific part of a post and expand it to create a new post. For instance, if you wrote about ways on how to promote your brand online and gave several tips; this time you may write about one of those specific tips like joining social media sites. If you have several posts on your archive, you will have huge source of new things to write.

6. Visit Social Bookmarking Sites

6. Visit Social Bookmarking Sites

Popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit and BuzzFeed have thousands of users that post on the said sites everyday. You’ll never run out of great ideas if you visit them as people always have something new to share on these pages. If your blog is about a specific subject, find those that fall under your niche. If you write about random stuffs, then you can get great ideas that you can incorporate on the content of you blog.

5. Share Stories

5. Share Stories

Every day is a brand new day. Something new happens and you can write about them on your blog. Share entertaining, interesting, inspirational or informative stories, in which your readers can take something from them. They do not have to be your own stories. They can be stories you heard from others or stories you read somewhere else. If you heard a story and you think it’s funny, motivational or it’s something that would be beneficial to others, post it on your blog. People love reading blogs that could make them laugh or something that would inspire them.

4. Take Note of New Topics that Come to Your Mind

4. Take Note of New Topics that Come to Your Mind

It doesn’t matter if you already have new topics to write for the whole week or for the entire month. Keep a note handy, which you can use to list new ideas of topics to write about. Once you’re done writing all your topics for the whole week or month and you run out of ideas, you can use this list to work on your next blog post. There are times that it is hard to think of a certain topic to write. And there are times that your creative juices are just overflowing that you suddenly have so many ideas on what to add on your blog. Do not miss these opportunities. Take note of the ideas quickly so you will not forget them.

3. Create Lists

3. Create Lists

No, this is different from the list of ideas that you write on your note. This is a way of writing a blog post. A lot of readers love reading lists of various things. This gives them an idea on the best and worst things that fall under a specific category. For instance, you can make a list of the top 10 schools to enroll for business management students or 10 worst movies to watch on Valentine’s Day. This may require some research but this could be very informative and helpful to your readers.

2. Write Reviews

2. Write Reviews

You watch TV shows or movies each day or once in a while. You read books, eat out and use various products and service every day. You can get inspiration from the day to day things you use or do by writing reviews about them and posting on your blog. When writing a review, introduce the subject to your readers. For instance, if you are writing about a specific book, talk about what it is all about including its author, genre and story in general. Next, write the things that you liked about it and things that you did not. The pros and cons should always be included so readers could determine if they would like it or not. Finally, write your verdict. Will you recommend it to your readers or not? And give an explanation why you liked or did not like the book.

1. Write on What’s Hot

1. Write on What’s Hot

Each day there is a new topic that you can write about as there’s always something new on the news. Keep your eyes on what’s trending on various fields including fashion, technology and entertainment. Check out what’s trending on social networking sites like Twitter. This is the easiest way to learn about the latest talk of the town. You may write something about it as readers would be interested to read about the latest craze.

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Top 10 WordPress News Themes That Have Been Designed to Create Headlines http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-news-themes-that-have-been-designed-to-create-headlines/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=top-10-wordpress-news-themes-that-have-been-designed-to-create-headlines http://www.bloggrrr.com/top-10-wordpress-news-themes-that-have-been-designed-to-create-headlines/#respond Sat, 25 Mar 2017 13:57:50 +0000 http://www.bloggrrr.com/?p=780 When it comes to web development and design, WordPress is dominating forums and discussions. And it does not just excel at providing interesting platforms for blogs, but for magazines and online newspapers as well. WordPress...

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When it comes to web development and design, WordPress is dominating forums and discussions. And it does not just excel at providing interesting platforms for blogs, but for magazines and online newspapers as well. WordPress news themes are very convenient to install and use, quick to set up, and rather cheap, considering all the features and benefits. Having a professional looking news delivery platform had never been easier.

10. UrbanNews – WP Magazine and News Theme10 UrbanNews – WP Magazine and News Theme

UrbanNews has a cocky feel to it that fits most of the current trends and the events that might be featured. It is laid on a grid that provides for many possibilities. Galleries, templates, icons, and widgets are all fully customizable. This very modern WordPress theme is a main contender in online news distribution.

9. Aggregate9 Aggregate

Aggregate is the premier Magazine-style theme out now. It has allocations for advertisement areas and widgets. This theme provides its users a rich and very interesting means of distributing news. Themes such as this are being favored not just because of the design that complements the content that you want to publish online, but also because this type of theme looks great in mobile platforms. If a layout is not responsive then it simply will not meet current standards.

8. CelebrityPress WordPress Theme8 CelebrityPress WordPress Theme

There will always be thirst for celebrity news, and WordPress is ready to respond to the popular demand with CelebrityPress. The layout of this theme is specific for the requirements of sassy and dynamic content. There is the option to look more like a blog or a magazine, whichever is currently trending more in the world of online news. There are two menu types to choose from, and enough customization options.

7. Avada7 Avada

If you require a multi-purpose theme, then the very modern Avada is the one for you. It’s not just news that Avada delivers well, but it is also ideal for presenting your personal or business online portfolio. It is very responsive and flexible, and as responsive as you expect it to be.

6. Evolution6 Evolution

When it comes to responsiveness, Evolution is easily at the top tier. Evolution is actually the “first fully responsive” of WordPress themes. There are four layouts to choose from, and it works very well with mobile platforms. Evolution intuitively adapts the whole presentation to mobile devices. We predict that more and more will choose to evolve, pardon the pun. This theme will be a good choice for business, and even for very personal purposes.

5. Volt5 Volt

If the content is mainly editorial in nature, then Volt is the ideal choice of theme. Volt has a very flexible and readable layout. What about its flexibility feature? Well, this theme allows for very easy swapping of locations. If you are very particular with how the contents shown a screen should flow, then this feature will provide you with the necessary tools. Content is given ample space and advertisements are given adequate allocation, too. Volt will also prove handy in presenting news content, as well as business and personal portfolio.

4. Construct4 Construct

If you want your page to feature animation and have all the more basic necessities of a news page, then Construct should be on top of your short list. This theme is very professional looking featuring the ever dependable column layout. Using AJAX technology, you may upload content while on the move. It is SEO friendly as well. What more can you ask for?

3. Swagger3 Swagger

Swagger is exactly what you get when you employ this theme for your online news site. You’ll be walking around with an extra swagger in your step because you’re confident that there’s nothing else to be done for your online news page because the theme has all the basic requirements covered. When you are setting up the sidebars and widgets you’ll find out for yourself how versatile and flexible the options are.

2. Modern News2 Modern News

When it comes to news sites, it is all about content, right? But these days, content is enough, because style and responsiveness count as much. Modern News provides all these current necessities, and more. Modern News allows for a customized image to serve as your header. That’s a great way to introduce your site to the rest of the world. You can also customize your background image to suit the current news content. There are many options to choose from, guaranteeing constant transformation of your site to complement your dynamic, interesting, and relevant content.

1. News Theme1 News Theme

With news theme, there is no limit to what you can upload and post. The pages load in a jiffy. It is very convenient to set-up, customize, and populate with content, and all it really cares about is that your content gets published, read, and shared to as many people as possible, in the fastest possible time without sacrificing readability. That’s what news is all about. And News Theme does it best.

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