Top 10 Benefits of Having a WordPress Squeeze Page for Your Blogs

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Online marketing using WordPress is deemed ideal by many bloggers, especially among those who are still starting with this kind of business, as very useful. It enables them to reach out to a wide variety of audience without necessarily going to different places. All you have to do is sit in front of your computer and develop your online blog site. You can simply do this at the comfort of your home. Meanwhile, many experts emphasize the importance of WordPress squeeze page. This serves as the “landing page” for you to gather information about your target market.

Many bloggers have taken for granted the importance of this so-called landing page because they prioritize on the content and layout of their pages. This should not be the case. The squeeze page is as important as having good traffic to your blog. In the squeeze page, you can get the details of your target consumer by having his/her name, address and contact details. By having these details, you can easily reach them through e-mails to further promote the products/services, which you are advertising in your blog. This also translates good money generation in your part. The following are some the advantages of having a squeeze page:

10. You are keeping with the race10. You are keeping with the race

Come to think about it; almost all bloggers in the world are having WordPress squeeze page. Hence, you too should have one. This is to keep your blog at par with what is latest in the market. This will not leave you out from the race and keeps your blog going good in the market. Also, advertisers prefer to tap bloggers that have good squeeze pages in order to determine the number of people who are interested in their products/services. Always update the layout and style of your squeeze page. In this way, viewers and endorsers alike will never get tired of visiting your blog.

9. Profile of your target market9. Profile of your target market

It is not always what you think is right. You might think that your target market is the Market A but, in fact, it changes and it suddenly becomes Market B. You will never know this sudden change if you do not have the profile of your viewers. And this can only be achieved if you have squeeze page in your blog. You will be able to know the income and jobs of your prospective clients through the squeeze page wherein they are made to fill-up some details.

8. Other pertinent information of your market8. Other pertinent information of your market

Aside from being able to determine which market group your prospective buyers belong, you also be able to know them through their addresses, age, names and contact details. It is nice to know these details even if you do not know them personally. This gives a sort of fulfillment in your part as a WordPress user who is using the blog for marketing purposes. You do not only know the presence of these people in your blog but you also get to know who they are.

7. More marketing strategies7. More marketing strategies

The squeeze page allows you to know the contact details of your market group. Even if they will not proceed in purchasing the products or services you promoted, still you were able to get the details of where they can be contacted for future marketing purposes. In here, you can have a record of their e-mail addresses. When you are advertising another product or services, you can email to them the advertorials. This can also be used in informing them on the updates of a certain product and service that they once almost purchased. At your end, as the blogger, you keep on reaching out to them through these e-mailed advertorials.

6. People will know more about your products/services6. People will know more about your productsservices

At the header portion of the WordPress squeeze page is an introduction about the product/service being promoted. People will have an idea what the product is all about and what company is producing them. In here, people will know the quality of the products and how can they purchase it. Of course, they cannot buy it immediately if they will not fill-up the areas in the squeeze page that requires some necessary information about them.

5. Promoting the benefits5. Promoting the benefits

Aside from the main idea about the products/services being promoted at your WordPress page, people will also know about the advantages of the products. There is a portion at the squeeze page wherein they will know the benefits they can get if they buy the products or purchase the services offered by the companies you are promoting. This is also a good marketing venue because in this part of the squeeze page, you can enumerate in bullets the different benefits of having the products. Prospective buyers need not go through reading the long product reviews because it is being enumerated in this portion of squeeze page the concise explanation on the benefits of the products/services.

4. Testimonials4. Testimonials

The benefits and good values about the products/services being promoted are further construed by testimonies of people who have tried the products. At the squeeze page, there is a portion wherein testimonials are being posted. These are coupled with photos of people who have gained so much from the products, which are being promoted. This is a very good marketing strategy especially that this is a first-hand experience of those who have tried the products/services.

3. Get into action3. Get into action

It is not enough that you just put the squeeze page and advertise the products/services that you want to promote. You need to get your audience get into the action. They should take at least the first step of having the products/services right on their hands. This can only be achieved if they fill-up the form at the squeeze page. If they were able to do this, this means that they are very interested in buying the product or subscribing to the service. At your end, this is good news because this means your online marketing task is accomplished and that your client company/entrepreneur will surely compensate this fulfillment by paying you the intended fee.

2. This comes for free2. This comes for free

What makes squeeze page more interesting is that you need not pay in order to have this kind of page in your blog. This is free along with the owning of domain for your blog site.

1. Effective marketing method1. Effective marketing method

The WordPress squeeze page has been tried-and-tested to be effective in the online marketing world. Why? You are not only advertising the products/services but you are also making the people buy the products or purchase the services. This is not just about words, but this is all about actions. No wonder, almost all bloggers are having squeeze pages in their blogs.


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