Top 10 Clean WordPress Themes You Can Use for Launching Your Online Profile

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It seems the more popular themes these days lean towards the colorful and cluttered. But, if you prefer clean WordPress themes there is no shortage of options. Many bloggers actually prefer a more simplistic layout without much visual clutter. And many readers, young and old, appreciate the lighter look and the feel of minimalist design.

The following are 10 of the most interesting minimalist themes that look impressive on any screen, including mobile platforms. You may choose any of the following and use it to launch your online portfolio with guaranteed positive and promising results.

10. Zito10 Zito

Zito is specifically designed for blog and online portfolio purposes and fits both individual or company use. For $35 you can build a customized website using shortcodes that you can use for individual pages. You have many options at hand in terms of layout and color to make a simple web design with a huge impact.

9. Simple Catch9 Simple Catch

Simple Catch is one of the most popular themes in the WordPress catalogue probably because of the extra large thumbnail and featured slider. It exudes professionalism at every turn. It may have awesome features, but it is not difficult to customize at all, and you don’t need any advanced computer skills in order to link it to your social networking accounts. But if you get stuck at certain favicons, you can always contact Tech Support

8. Spotlight8 Spotlight

If you would rather stick to just black and white and all the exciting shades of light and dark in between, Spotlight is minimalist heaven. Spotlight provides a perfect venue for presenting the many offerings of a business venture. This theme is ideal for advertising agencies, new businesses with specialized products, and this would even work for personal websites. Beginners would find this theme easy enough to work with.

7. November7 November

November is one of those responsive themes that live out to the claim, and is SEO friendly as well. It is available in two lay-outs – full-width and boxed. Shortcodes and other tools for building pages and setting up sidebars are provided, and there are many fonts styles and colors to choose from, if you have the time to browse the available choices. The background may be customized to your particular requirements.

6. Purity6 Purity

“Purity” may sound dainty, but this theme has all the strong features that make it a good choice for any business that wishes to dominate a particular niche (for starters). If you need to learn more about Purity, you can always start out with the demo and move on from there. There are so many possibilities to explore. It is also competitively priced at $40.

5. Prima5 Prima

Here are the features that might make you a Prima convert – a dozen of color variations and thrice the number of background patterns provided. It also offers a number of slide show options, and more than a handful of blog layouts as well as portfolio and gallery layouts.

4. Clear4 Clear

“Clear” is what you need when you require the best of the lot. All the widgets are at the bottom, and the basic layout is just one column which puts importance on the content. The purpose of this elegant and utterly simplistic layout is for the content of the page to stand out as it should. If you are determined that the content of your posts should be the star of the page then Clear is the only choice for you. It is sleek, versatile, and simple as promised.

3. Written3 Written

This theme is amongst the newest available minimalist themes offered these days, and it has been designed for the use of bloggers who prefer to customize their own pages. This responsive theme is predicted to be the next favorite clean theme in the WordPress catalogue. With its many amazing features, it will soon be the next talk of the town.

2. Hum2 Hum

Hum is a theme that is based on Twenty Eleven. With hum, text and image content are showcased (it is best to use short titles for maximum effect). Hum has enough widget areas without crowding the screen. And these can also be configured to your taste and preference. Hum allows you to use an impressive image that dominates the page that complements the header and background that you have set up.

1. Hero1 Hero

Hero tops the list. It has a dark theme that shouts minimalist and an interface that is not difficult to manipulate at all. You can opt to do without sidebars and just post content in full width. Widgets are customizable, as well as the background itself.


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