Top 10 Ecommerce WordPress Themes Recommended for Those Putting Up An Online Shop


People are now living in a world where the computer age has become part of everyday life. They range from different gadgets, from the processes of making the food people eat, to the things they wear, and almost everything! Technology is part of everybody’s single cell, isn’t it? It must be said that people may not live without technology for somehow they are now part of who people are today, whether you like or not. Love no longer makes the world go round for technology does. One of the trending online activities that everybody enjoy is blogging. A blog is a discussion or an educational website published in World Wide Web and consists of isolated posts or entries that are normally presented in a reverse order. For the best eCommerce templates, eCommerce WordPress themes are the best.

Blogs can be done by a small group or of an individual focusing on a single theme. Themes come in different genres such as inspirational, educational, or just simply emotional. Some people are into blogging just to share their insights, feelings and knowledge. But did you know that blogging can now be profitable? Yes, you read it right! You write, you share and you post on your own customized website. It is like hitting two birds with a single stone. Now managing a business comes with fun, requires creativity, and can be stress free for you work with your fingers only.

10. Bonfire


If you are in a business that will best feature your products in a gallery type, this is the best for you. It’s one of the top 10 eCommerce WordPress themes. It’s one of the unique and perfect themes you could choose now at WordPress. It features six different skins, home page deals slider, more than 50+ amazing shortcodes, shortcode generator, and an amazing support that will help you customize your site. This theme can make your store amazing! Check this out!

9. ElegantEstate


Form the name itself, elegant. Choosing this theme will boost the store you will be starting. Its features are excellent and make it easy for the customers to choose from your products. It surely deserves a space to be in the top 10 themes.

8. Sommerce Shop

Sommerce Shop

One of the best eCommerce themes that can now be found in WordPress is the Sommerce theme. It uses Woo Commerce and Jigoshop plugins to build a unique and versatile online driven shop. It makes a lot of difference in your online business.

7. Mommy Blog

Mommy Blog

WordPress now has this Mommy Blog, which hits a place for one of the top WordPress Themes. It’s very suitable for business with children as the target market or moms that stay at home and who are into online businesses. It features 10 Header Graphic Configurations, an easy side bar manager and good font selector. You can also select from two background options.

6. MayaShop


The top ecommerce themes in WordPress surely include the Maya Shop. This is a new eCommerce theme from WordPress that allows you to customize your website with a variety of color combinations and lots and lots of great features to choose from. Putting up an eCommerce website can be more fun and creative when it’s made by you.

5. Camp


WordPress brings you another amazing theme, Camp, and is one of the top themes you should check out! Camp is different from other themes because it has different features such as an easy-to-customize ability. It has WooCommerce and has a fully responsive layout. Customizing would no longer be a problem since it provides different and unlimited colors.

4. Enfinity


Enfinity is a flexible and elegant eCommerce theme, which provides a responsive layout that is enhanced for a better view especially in mobile gadgets. It supports WooCommerce camera slideshow and BBpress. It also features five custom widgets, portfolio galleries, pricing table generator, AJAX, and Google Web Fonts for further customization.

3. The Furniture Store

The Furniture Store

One of the top eCommerce WordPress themes that you can choose is this – The Furniture Store. It best suits those people who would love to put up an online business in line with selling furniture. It is specifically intended for online shops which features a plugin free localized ecommerce system, an instructive customer service area, saving and creating wish lists. It has lots of independent widget ready areas and so much more to explore!

2. Zeux


Zeux is on the list of top eCommerce WordPress themes that is a must see! It is a highly responsive eCommerce WordPress theme with so many features. The theme supports Standard Gallery, Link, Quote, and Image. In addition, it has fourteen custom template pages with seven varieties of colors, eleven custom background patterns and a filterable portfolio.

1. Blanco


Blanco is a premium WordPress theme and is one of the top themes in WordPress for ecommerce. It is a responsive theme that is also one of the most powerful and flexible themes at the WordPress store. It has many features such as zooming in to enlarge images, grid page for 4, 5, and 3 products, editable size of images on the product page, new block, related products slider, additional navigation link, and is optimized for fast loading. It supports WP eCommerce and WooComerce plugins. So if you have a clothing store, check out and try this theme.

All of the themes listed above are the best eCommerce WordPress Themes. These themes are all great and have lots of features that you can select from. WordPress provides you these different templates that can help you achieve a good presentation for your customers. In business, specifically in the online business, looks matter. How you carefully arrange, showcase, and introduce your products must be taken into consideration to maximize the range of target consumers. More importantly, choose the appropriate theme for your online shop.


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