Top 10 Factors in Having Creative Names for Blogs for Maximum Exposure

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As of this moment, hundreds of blogs are being created and yours is just one of the thousands available online. In order to become viral, one must be a cut above everyone else and a way to do this is to have creative names for blogs. Below are just some of the ideas you could use in order to be able to make a creative name for your site.

10. Be unique10. Be unique

This actually goes without saying. As you may very well know by now, there are thousands of blogs online these days and you starting your own will be like a drop of water in a vast ocean. So how do you stand out from the rest of the sites in the blogosphere? You need to be unique in picking out the name for your blog. In fact, if it is a common word, do your best to avoid it unless you somehow create wordplay for it (see number 5). Otherwise, a common blog name will never see the light of day or in this case, become viral on the Internet.

9. Know your audience9. Know your audience

Picking out a name also has something to do with your target audience. For instance, if your aim is to catch the attention of young people, then you might want to pick out a name that is young, hip or has a pop culture reference. For a more discerning audience, your name needs to be straight to the point.

8. What your blog is all about8. What your blog is all about

Your blog name should contain in essence what your site is all about. If you are advertising your blog site in various media such as social networking pages, your name should be creative enough to the extent that potential readers might get an idea of what they would most likely be visiting.

7. The fun factor7. The fun factor

In reference to knowing your type of audience, your blog name should be fun (or funny), amusing, and entertaining especially when trying to draw in a young crowd. Remember, first impressions are a huge deal. When your potential readers see that you have a fun creative name, they would be most likely drawn to it and visit your page at least once just to check it out.

6. The name and the blog6. The name and the blog

Yes, having a creative name for you blog is essential but do not get way too lost in creativity just for the sake of having one. The name and the blog must be related to one another. For instance, if you were to visit a site that said “” you would expect something that had resources about confectionery in it, right? Then when you land on the page, it has nothing about it at all. Choose a name that is related to the actual content.

5. Wordplay Five5. Wordplay Five

Wordplay is what sets apart names of blogs these days to make them more appealing. Normal, boring and usual words should be thrown out the window. If you want to be remembered, then create a name that is so unique that you kind of have to invent a new word but is still understandable by your audience.

4. First impressions last4. First impressions last

They say that first impressions last and if this statement holds true, it should also apply to the names of blogs. If you want to catch a reader’s attention, then your creative name should make a lasting impression. There is no room to convince a reader again as to why he should visit your page frequently. Make sure that your blog name piques everybody’s interest.

3. Easy to remember; hard to forget3. Easy to remember hard to forget

A creative name for a blog should also be easy to remember and not forgettable. Meaning, if someone reads it for the first time, the name will be stuck with him like glue. This is the reason why common names for blogs should not be used as they are completely forgettable.

2. Ask, but don’t tell2. Ask, but don’t tell

A good way to get an idea of what a creative name for a blog should be is to look around existing popular pages and figure out what’s in their names that makes them so famous. Eventually, some of the factors mentioned on this list have been taken into consideration in those sites. At the same time, by looking and asking around, you will know what works and what doesn’t.

1. The name says iot all1. The name says iot all

Besides having something to do with the blog itself, your creative name should say it all. Meaning, just by reading the name of your blog site, readers will already get the idea of what you are all about. Of course, this pertains to blogs with particular subject matter and not just a personal site where you would post photos of yourself and updates.


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