Top 10 Free Social Media Icons That Your Friends May Not Yet Have

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People can’t have enough of icons, especially those that may be downloaded for free. Open source graphics for your blogs and social media accounts may be downloaded, used, shared and distributed without restrictions. Web designers who find the time often come up with new and exciting social media icons (because they’re probably bored with what’s currently available). And that’s good for us because we get to have a huge variety of choices to pick from. If you’re wondering what’s out there that you probably have not yet seen here’s our pick of the litter. Make sure you tell your friends about them (maybe after you’ve already chosen the best of the lot).

10. Social Bookmarks/Networking Icons Set from DesignModo

10 Social Bookmarks-Networking Icons Set from DesignModo

Social media icons facilitate the connectivity of all your online accounts. And rather than link them to each other with the default tools provided, you can always choose from the unique and creative outputs of web designers who take a break from their designing jobs by creating icons for you to use. Check out the geometric precision of this clean and elegant set. There are a total of sixty trendy icons to choose from in PNG format. Each icon has 32bit transparency and that should prove adequate for any screen.

9. Carrie Loves Design (Too Much)

9 Carrie Loves Design (Too Much)

Carrie always seems to have the time to create novel icons that everyone can download for free. What does she get from it? We’ll she probably gets a kick from knowing that her creative output is being used by total strangers located in various areas of the globe. That’s probably enough to give her a high because she only asks for backlinks and nothing more. This green-toned set from Carrie features icons for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn, among others. She never lets down with her trendy outlook in graphic design. You’ll find more colors when you visit the reference site.

8. Social Media Icons by iDroid

8 Social Media Icons by iDroid

iDroid makers only asks that you share their website to your extensive network of friends. Well, you can hold off on that so that you get to flaunt your new cool icons (which they don’t have yet), but you will eventually have to do as the designers asked. It’s just a courtesy to them who labor long and hard and sweat it out in their spare time just to provide you with cool icons which you don’t have to pay anything for. Check out this set which includes icons for DeviantArt, Blogger, MySpace, YouTube, Picasa, Metacafe, Gmail, LiveJournal, Mixx, and Skype. There’s more, but we’ll leave you to discover the rest for yourself.

7. Social Media Set

7 Social Media Set

Another well-meaning graphic designer with overflowing creative juices has come up with tiny icons that you can use for free. You might as well spend your own free time logging in and updating your SoundCloud, Flickr, Orkut, Reddit, eMail, Path, Netvibes, and Yahoo links with these button-sized icons.

6. Icons from Vector Stories

6 Icons from Vector Stories

If you have a hankering for black and white icons (it never gets old, right?), you can check out this collection. Helen is the name of the graphic designer and she’s generous enough to allow access to her website called Vector Stories for downloading of free icons. Don’t forget to share whatever you discover there! The icons may be used for commercial purposes as well and you still don’t have to pay, so remember to tell your friends about the site. Just don’t try to sell what’ not yours, okay? Helen won’t like it.

5. Small rounded icons from DeviantArt

5 Small rounded icons from DeviantArt

If you want to be the first to have these cute little round icons, then better grab them now while they’re still fresh. A very generous artist has designed rounded button icons for eBay, Slashdot, Spotify, Magnolia, Feedburner, AOL, Yelpm, WordPress, Dribble, and Delicious, plus dozens more. Again, the only payback is a link to the source page. That’s not so much to ask, is it?

4. Shades of gray

4 Shades of gray

Minimalist nerds have come up with a monochromatic line-up that would definitely appeal to bloggers and website owners who are drawn to the subtle but strong statement delivered by blacks, whites, and shades of gray. If you’re having a hard time looking for satisfactory black and white icons, then you may explore the rest of the sets from this creative group of individuals.

3. Pin Social Icons

3 Pin Social Icons

Now, these shapely icons are looking fabulous indeed. Your online presence would definitely gain a sharp edge when you use any of these stylish pointy egg shapes. A graphic designer who goes by the name of Kevin Harris made these icons especially for style-conscious Netizens.

2. Fresh collection

2 Fresh collection

This elegant set of icons is in PNG and PSD format and won’t take up so much space. There are a total of 56 individual icons ready for download (free, of course). Fostering brand awareness should always be fun, and that is why you deserve to have this set.

1. Vibrant Sophisticated Icon Set

1 Vibrant Sophisticated Icon Set

Is there anyone looking for purple icons? Purple may not be the new black, but on the right background, these icons would look stunning. This one might fit with certain color and style schemes, but when used to complement an existing template or layout, your social media links would look sassy and classy at the same time.

Since you are investing significant time and effort in making your Web content worthwhile for visitors, why not make sure that every single item featured on it is well-crafted and reflects your own personality at the same time? All the icons we have presented here are free, made by creative geniuses who just can’t seem to run out of ideas even in their spare time. To thank them for their efforts and graciousness in letting you use their creations without charge, make sure you acknowledge them by leading others to your site. Don’t worry if in time everyone you know will have the same cool and trendy icons. You will always be the first to have them anyway.


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