Top 10 Great Landing Pages to Turn Visitors to Buyers

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A landing page is essential in the marketing of websites for a number of reasons. At the same time, its use provides many benefits other than determining the success of a campaign. By using great landing pages, the chances of exposure and getting your website out there is increased tenfold. In addition, having a great landing page will ensure that the visitors that click the ad or banner will most likely turn into a buyer of your product or service. Here are some templates for landing pages depending on what purpose it will be used for as well as your preference.

10. Puree Template10. Puree Template

The Puree template for a landing page gives you the opportunity to conveniently create a web page that will definitely work regardless of what device is used. Whether it is a PC, a tablet, different screen sizes and all, Puree will work in them and make the visitor become a buyer of your product. On a more technical note, Puree has a responsive grid system that can hold up to sixteen columns as well as Responsive Fancybox2 support.

9. MyProduct Theme9. MyProduct Theme

If your website is about business or you would like to promote something that is business-related, then the MyProduct template is a great medium to do just that. The template alone has a very professional approach to it, and its commanding presence makes for a very business-like feel. If you’re looking to make an impression for your business, this is the right theme for you.

8. Electron Theme8. Electron Theme

The Electron theme as a landing page highlights the product you are marketing towards the fullest extent possible. You can insert photos, post videos and even have visitors sign up in the functioning newsletter from your website. In addition, there are “share” buttons for various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like.

7. Health Point7. Health Point

This landing page caters to sites that are related to health and well-being. Of course, this is similar to most themes as it is both responsive and contains many features such as various customization options as well as an appointment form for visitors.

6. Klix6. Klix

This template acts as both a micro site and a landing page. You can use Klix to market your wares instantly or make it into a micro site, depending on yoru requirements. An above the fold layout, a gallery for photos and a functioning subscription form makes this template a very effective landing page for potential buyers.

5. Bottom Line5. Bottom Line

As a premium landing page available online, Bottom Line is another theme that caters to websites that are all about business and entrepreneurship. Its features allows you to display your product in a very professional way which of course aides in increasing the conversion rate. There are four templates you can choose from and as a responsive template, it can be viewed regardless of the device that is used.

4. Float Landing Page4. Float Landing Page

This is another premium landing page that will represent your product or service quite well. With both six layouts and colours for skins, you can customize and configure this landing page into what you want it to look like and how it will represent you. Use this and see awesome results in converting visitors into buyers of your product.

3. Social Media Agency3. Social Media Agency

Primarily used to garner more attention and traffic for your website, Social Media Agency is a landing page that you can use for social media services. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as for business or even your very own portfolio page.

2. Thinkfast2. Thinkfast

There is not much fanciness to Thinkfast but it gets the job done. You can use this landing page to promote your product or service and even encourage visitors to become buyers. This template is coded using HTML5.

1. Lista Landing Page1. Lista Landing Page

This is a premium landing page for your product or service that allows your visitors to sign up for the newsletter or even download a sample of your wares. Designed in a Z-shaped reading patter, this is very easy on the eyes of the visitor which will then encourage them to buy from you!


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