Top 10 Reasons Why Facebook is Great for Social Media Engagement

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Facebook has become a worldwide phenomenon not only for connecting people but also bridging the gap between companies and consumers. Nowadays, even corporations big or small have accounts in this site and connect with consumers through social media engagement. If you own a company and are thinking about the benefits of doing so, here are the top ten reasons why you need to open a Facebook fan page for your business.

10. Targeted Audience10. Targeted Audience

An advantage of being on Facebook and maintaining a page there is that you do not have to force a particular type of demographic to come and visit your page. The people you want to have a direct line with are already here. How they can take part and interact with you is the only problem.

9. It’s Free9. It’s Free

One of the best things about using Facebook for social media engagement is the amount you have to pay for it which is none. Opening an account and creating a page for your company, product or service will cost you nothing.

8. Provides Communication with Company and Customer8. Provides Communication with Company and Customer

Sometimes, getting feedback from a customer or a patron is difficult when you have a company. Communication plays a vital role in ensuring that your service remains top-notch and your customers are satisfied. Using Facebook for social media engagement, these people are able to send you messages, comment on your updates as well as give their thoughts about the photos of products that you post.

7. Easily Searchable7. Easily Searchable

Think of this social networking site as another search engine within itself. So, when an individual searches you in it, you will definitely come up as part of the choices. No need to be on the first page like Google in order to be seen.

6. Ability to Get Instant Consumer Feedback6. Ability to Get Instant Consumer Feedback

When you test out a new product, it is important that you get the opinion of your buyers to find out if it is indeed successful or there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration. This will enable them to give a piece of their mind which in turn will help you in the process.

5. Offer Promotions in a Jiffy5. Offer Promotions in a Jiffy

If you have new products or services that you would like to offer, you simply just have to post about it on Facebook and those that are members of your page will immediately be notified about it. What’s even better is that even if they are not subscribed to you, every user of the site will still be able to catch a glimpse of your promotions as long as they drop by the page.

4. Easy Advertising4. Easy Advertising

Basically, when you have a Facebook page for your company, advertising becomes easy pickings. There are hundreds of millions of Facebook users worldwide and the potential is limitless. When you have hundreds or even thousands of people liking or commenting on your page, it becomes seen by their network which in turn gets your name out there without you having to do anything. One of the best things about social media engagement is using this site.

3. Eliminates Total Reliance on Websites3. Eliminates Total Reliance on Websites

The problem with maintaining your presence online is you need to have a website and spend lots of money for its upkeep. More often than not, if you do not take the extra measure, your website will be a complete waste of money. However, when you use Facebook you do not need to spend money and the target market is already there. You just have to catch their attention and let them know you are on the social networking site.

2. Allows Company to Improve on Service and Products2. Allows Company to Improve on Service and Products

Posting your content as well as posts from other individuals allows you to hear from their side on what they really think about a particular product of yours as well as the service you provide. Therefore you will be able to improve on what you offer as well as take away what your customers hate.

1. Multimedia Content1 Multimedia Content

Probably one of the biggest reasons why a company should have a Facebook page, being able to post content such as photos, videos and status updates allows the consumer to receive updates as well as be informed on the new things that the company posts. Remember, once a user is subscribed to the page, he will receive updates that the company posts on the website.


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