Top 10 WordPress Magazine Themes That You Can Harness in Having a Magazine-like Site

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Harnessing the advantages of various WordPress magazine themes will provide better performances than using the best content management system or CMS out in the Internet world today. This is because of the capability of looking and action as well as in becoming a genuine magazine or even news-themed blog or website. Having a theme in your blog or website provides organization and well-designed look and style. It makes your site looks neat, clean and free from clutter. Readers and visitors can easily navigate all over your site easily and without the feeling of being lost. Taking the look of magazine will definitely attract more readers as people are used to viewing and browsing physical magazines by flipping the pages. Over the Internet, giving your site a magazine look is not just increases its functionality, but also nice style and design. Fortunately, there are several WordPress magazine themes to choose from and customize to your own need.

10. Headlines Theme10.Headlines Theme

The headline theme provides a sleek and flashy look for your site. The theme is very flexible as a layout magazine. It has jQuery-powered headline content article, the popular featured articles, system of post thumbnail, highlighting of the author and many more. The layout makes it easy for you to format the image and you can create customized social networking and bookmarking. There are 15 color styles and scheme to choose in this one.

9. Magazine Theme9.Magazine Theme

The Magazine theme provides the traditional look of a physical magazine in which the emphasis is given to the context and content. This theme is SEO-friendly and it can make everything simple and easy to locate. Your visitors will definitely have easy time navigating with this theme. If you are a newbie in this community, this is one of the best themes to try.

8. eGamer Theme8.eGamer Theme

This theme is open for those who are serious webmasters giving them robust work. This theme is very neat yet compact page giving the visitors full view of the things they are offering. Visitors are greeted first by thin slider box that displays the latest inclusions and then, visitors can see any new additions to the site. This theme is also rich in content and it is easy to add videos and widgets to the sidebar. All in all, this theme gives the users a clean and professional look.

7. Continuum Theme7.Continuum Theme

This theme provides review and ratings options and it is pack with numerous modern features. This theme is good for bloggers who are doing articles about movie, music and product reviews. It is smartly built to handle a huge site. It has 5 jQuery sliders 19 widgets for the sidebar and 5 types of reviewing.

6. Who’s Who Theme6.Who's Who Theme

The Who’s Who theme is designed for people who are serious magaziners. It utilizes every space with the use of scrolling boxes as well as expanded headers. The content articles are located in front and in the center and the featured article will be also situated on prime spot. The theme provides easy navigation for the readers and visitors with wasting any space within the page.

5. Lifestyle Theme5.Lifestyle Theme

The Lifestyle WordPress magazine theme is about putting class, cleanliness and professionalism in your site magazine. This theme is also modern that is working well for any websites about travel, tourism and hotel articles and news as well as local sites and affiliate stores. The designs it offer are very simple, yet each individual design will catch the attention of the readers and the whole layout is ideal for people wanting to engage in affiliate marketing.

4. Spectrum Theme4.Spectrum Theme

This Spectrum theme sports a clean as well as blocky look integrating the thumbnails that were re-sized for being situated in the right spot on the website. This theme is ideal for placing ads and hence, if you are starting a website or blog site with the intention of earning, this is the idea theme. It has a webpage that can be customized with widgets and there are 10 different color schemes to choose from.

3. The Style Theme3.The Style Theme

If you are familiar with magazine clippings, this is what this theme can give to you. It has fluid construction of the jQuery. This theme is available in 5 different patterns of color and version. The comments section of the page has Gravatars elegantly situated all over it. You can also monetize the right-side column of the page with advertisements.

2. Magazine Made Theme2.Magazine Made Theme

This magazine made theme can be compared to the enterprise-level of style but still, this theme comes at a cost that you can afford. The layout will surely blow your readers and visitors away thanks to the styles and designs. The system has intricacy with it especially the review system and it also works by compiling the total scores. Some themes lack design if you navigate within the inner part of post pages, but in this theme, there is consistency – from the outside to the inside, the style and design flows seemingly. Due to the great layout, readers and visitors will definitely stay longer on the site to browse or simply view the site.

1. The Source Theme1.The Source Theme

The Source theme design for those looking for site rich in content and yet, the style, design and layout stand out. This theme epitomizes great design with great content. You can choose from the four different and available color schemes. It automatically created thumbnail sizes that suit your requirements. There is a backend panel for the advertisement management and it features alternative “blog style”. Using this theme will attract more readers and visitors to your site and in turn, will increase the ranking of your blog site in most Search Engines. This is wonderful if you want to make your site memorable and unique.


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