Top 10 Awesome WordPress Blog Themes and Designs for Your Page

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These days, blogging is one of the most important aspects of the Internet. It is something that anyone and everyone can do. Some do it for kicks while others make a living out of it. However, one of the crucial parts about creating a blog is how you would present it. If you create it well, it would be more likely visited and patronized by surfers. On the other hand, not putting any thought in the layout and design will only yield negative results. Having a great WordPress blog themes makes it easier for your site to become popular and be a huge hit on the Internet. Here are some of the best blog themes you can choose to use for your site.

10. Minimum WordPress Theme10 Minimum WordPress Theme

Simplicity is the answer here. If you want something that is quite manageable and simplistic to look at, the Minimum should be the right choice for you. The content slider is quite large, which makes it very visible to the visitors of your blog. You know what they say: the bigger, the better. Having this one will get the attention of your readers immediately.

9. WooThemes Canvas9 WooThemes Canvas

This theme is not what you would necessarily call the best one there is out there, but it is a formidable one and provides a very strong foundation especially for starters. Canvas is perfect for those who have different styles of blogging. You can lay it out as a magazine type, traditional blogs or more of a photo sharing page. Canvas costs around $70.

8. News WordPress Theme8 News WordPress Theme

So if your blog is about news and current events that are making the airwaves right now, you need to choose something like the News WordPress Theme. This is handy especially when it comes to blog sites that have multiple topics. Organizing your page is the primary purpose of having this theme, most especially since this one allows you to have a lot of categories in the slider. Plus, the News WordPress Theme also gives you the chance to publish your video or audio content on your page.

7. Lucid Theme7 Lucid Theme

If your blog site demands something that is high quality and your readers expect it to be on the high-end, then you need to present it as such. The Lucid Theme for WordPress has a very clean look and makes your blog very easy to navigate. No hip designs or artsy decorations to make your discerning readers pay full attention to your page. In addition, even if your page is visited for the first time, readers will immediately get how to navigate it with ease.

6. Flexible Theme6 Flexible Theme

As one of the current favourites, Flexible Theme is very nice to look at and has a very responsive design. So, on top of being quite attractive and easy to navigate, there are plenty of things you can do using this theme for your blog. A must-have for all bloggers!

5. Knead5 Knead

If you are looking for something that is very easy to customize and use, then using Knead from Obox is the way to go. Besides having two types of colour schemes, various widgets and a whole lot of templates, Knead also enables to post photos and videos on your blog site. For $60, it’s not a bad package at all.

4. WP Traveller4 WP Traveller

A lot of blogs these days have something to do with travel and tourism, which is why having one that is themed in such a way is very important if you want to grab the attention of readers new and old. The WP Traveller uses Google Maps which makes it an integral part of your blog, with it being about travel and all. The theme also allows you to post media and is also very easy to navigate.

3. Modernize Theme3 Modernize Theme

If your aim is to blow the minds of your readers, then Modernize Theme is something that you absolutely must use for your blog. With a cutting-edge design and a drag ‘n drop page builder this theme is considered to be one of the best themes for WordPress. Plus, it looks great regardless of what type of computer or tablet the reader uses.

2. Memo2 Memo

Sometimes, simplicity stands out more than complicated schemes and designs especially when it comes to blogging themes. Memo is a theme that kind of similar to Tumblr, in a way that it allows you to post videos, photos and even personal quotes.

1. TimesSquare1 TimesSquare

This is actually a new theme that is quite different from any other styles used for blog sites. As a theme that is visually engaging, TimesSquare allows you to post videos and photos that are stunning. It is very easy to use and does not take a lot to get around to. Having this theme will surely grab the attention of your readers.


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