Top 10 Cool Website Backgrounds Sources and Resources

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Here are 10 amazing resources that offer a total of a few hundred artworks that serve as cool website backgrounds. Backgrounds are very popular in blogs, websites and web pages and serve to level up basic web design. In order for your blog or site to look good when viewed on any type of platform, your website background must be easy enough to adapt to changing screen size and resolution. And your background must resize automatically and look good even on mobile devices.

10. Stripemania10 Stripemania

This website offers tools that enable the user to apply very specific gradients to their striped background design. The tool is very simple to use and there’s no trouble at all in sizing and resizing the stripes that you prefer for your web background. Each stripe will blend seamlessly to the next and there would be no trouble at all as the background adjusts to different screens. Stripes are hip, and this website will show you how to maximize this classic design.

9. Squidfingers9 Squidfingers

If you don’t mind providing a backlink so that the designer is given due recognition, then all you need to do next is visit this site. By all means find out whether this website has something to offer you. All the patterns are high quality designs by a professional whose years of experience in the industry show in the choices being offered.

8. BackgroundLabs8 BackgroundLabs

Patterns, textures, and all sorts of backgrounds are here for your perusal. These backgrounds are ready for use for uploading in blogs and web pages, and even for your social networking profiles. The options are filed by tag, style or color so that you can easily find what you need and download it immediately. When you visit this website, you’ll find out whether what they offer fit the requirements of your website.

7. Patternizer7 Patternizer

Since you have made the decision not to make do with a plain background for your website, you have to exercise your creative muscles. This website provides you with very basic, easy-to-use tools that you can use to create the background pattern that will grace your site. After a few minutes of inspired work, you’ll have the customized background that you have designed by yourself.

6. Patterncooler6 Patterncooler

How about 100 pattern designs that you can manipulate and modify to your liking? That’s just the basic offer that this site has for its users. The available designs are meant for blogs and Twitter backgrounds. This resource gathers the best outputs from many creative individuals who submit their personal works of art for consumer use.

5. Hermetik5 Hermetik

Graphic designs from France are available for use from this interactive website. Check out their impressive portfolio of various graphic works from French artists. There are elegant backgrounds and edgy options that would be a perfect fit for those who require innovative, cutting-edge design.

4. Free-Backgrounds4 Free-Backgrounds

This DeviantArt group only asks that the backgrounds be credited to the artist, and that’s not difficult to do. And since “deviant” is the keyword here, they are averse to textures, photos of flora or fauna, mirror shots and related photos of people in general, and other not-so-deviant stuff. A lot of people submit unique outputs and the time spent browsing the site is always worth every minute.

3. Brusheezy3 Brusheezy

One of the top choices offered by this site is the seamless pattern of hand-drawn hand patterns (don’t forget to credit the artist if you choose to use it). Brusheezy has Photoshop patterns that are ready for downloading. You may use any of these for free.

2. 10 Ravens2 10 Ravens

This website is a haven of artists, illustrators, animators and graphic designers. Even architects are part of the team of creative and inspired people who provide the numerous patterns being offered. The site offers more than free textures and backgrounds. They even have 3D models, wallpapers, and other audio-visual projects. There are three sections that may be found in the site: products, textures, and photo resources, all of which are fun and exciting to sort through.

1. Lost & Taken1 Lost & Taken

High-resolution textures are here. And these amazing background design options are offered for free. Two of the most popular options available now are antique paper textures (by Dustin Schimieding) and micro grit textures by the same artist. There are so many unique options to choose from, and we guarantee that you will enjoy every minute of the search.


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