Top 10 Modern, Sophisticated and Creative Logo Design Tips You Ought to Try

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In order for a business, service or any product name to be fully recognized, it must have a great and creative logo design. With this logo, any customers who see it and they will know what product it is and from what company it came from. Having a logo is like having an identity. But this logo must stand out from the rest and be memorable.

There are many ways to create logo – you can do it or let a professional do the job for you. If you what it takes to create logo for your own product, then harness that ability. But still, it is nice if you will let a professional logo creator or artist to do customization and creation for you. Just make sure that you put some personal touches in your own logo design. As you create logo or give idea to the professional who will create the logo for you, there are things that you have to consider in coming up with the idea and concepts. You have to take this into great consideration in order to have the best result.

10. The name is the logo10.The name is the logo

One of the most common motif and theme in creating a logo is using the entire name of the business, company or the website. It is simple, yet with the addition of some playfulness and creativity, you can have a nicely designed and styled logo. Play with the font style, color, movements whether bold or italicized and you will have a great one. It is also nice if you can match the design to what your business is all about.

9. Gimmicky fonts are not recommended9.Gimmicky fonts are not recommended

As much as possible, avoid using gimmicky fonts in making your logo design to stand out. Using them is like committing typographic errors. In fact, this is a reason why the use of gimmicky fonts is free. Most of the gimmicky fonts are way fancier, but too weak. You want a logo design that is unique and not just like those from cheap business cards. It is great to use simple and classic font choices and avoid the over-garnishing of the logo.

8. Selecting the typeface8.Selecting the typeface

Typography is clearly vital to any creative logo design. You have two focal ways to select from: making your own customized typeface or using and modifying an existing logo. For those preferring to make custom typeface, try not to create a fashionable one because it is possible that it will date the soonest. The key is keeping it very simple as well legible. The words play major role: if your choices of words are unusual, use simple typeface and if the words are common, add creativity.

7. Creating Vectors7.Creating Vectors

After beginning your design with a rough sketch, some professional logo designers will proceed by progressing to create more technical sketches using graph paper. Nevertheless, best way of saving frustration with later repetitions of the logo design you are working is by producing it with the use of vectors. If you have Adobe Illustrator CS6, you are one lucky individual because this software can help you in rescaling your design without losing the quality.

6. Inspirations are very important6.Inspirations are very important

Successful artists, professional and rich people achieve their status because they have inspiration. Having an inspiration as you create your logo is a great start. Inspirations can give you the ideas. Seek inspirations as much as possible so that you can focus your design to something that is attached to you.

5. Do a rough draft or sketch first5.Do a rough draft or sketch first

‘Try and try until you succeed’ and ‘practice makes perfect’ should be your driving force as you create your own logo. This means you start by sketching out your primary design. As you look at it and incorporate changes and your creativity, you will discover that your rough sketch will be peeled off with the ugliness until a great design is born. Sketch first and then modify it. You can use help as you modify the design.

4. Clients are important, but do not let them dictate your work4.Clients are important, but do not let them dictate your work

If you create logos for clients, it is important that you get their input about the design stage. However, you should not let them dictate all of your work. You are the one who is knowledgeable in designing logo and you should be the one to lead the design. It is better that you thoroughly ask questions to your clients in order to squeeze information about what they want. If they say they want iconic and memorable logo, ask how they picture this one and then integrate your own.

3. Conduct researches online3.Conduct researches online

All works will start by conducting thorough researches. You can use the Internet to do researches. If you have no idea where to start for your research, check out Logo Gala or Logo Moose. One important thing to consider in researching is that you must know when you have enough because you may over research and this can consume your time. Research wisely.

2. Feel the brand name2.Feel the brand name

It is important that your feeling is in synch with the logo you are designing. Hence, immerse yourself with the name of the brand/business/company you are creating a logo. You can know your client’s products, services, company mission and vision and many more. You can also check out their previous logos if they have. In doing this, have a check list about the dos and don’ts. Feeling the logo is one of your steps in creating a design.

1. Conduct research about the targeted audience1.Conduct research about the targeted audience

A creative logo design is not just about the aesthetic and visual look. In creating a logo, you are developing something that will make a brand iconic as well as in communicating their position. Hence, the very first step in creating and designing a logo is researching the possible concepts. It is encouraged that you involve your client in order to make your interpretation and the client’s thoughts be in synch.



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