Top 10 Tips on How to Get Backlinks for Your Awesome Website

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In order to be competitive in this world that lives and breathes search engine optimization, you will always have to consider getting quality backlinks. Backlinks are now a necessity. Even though the content of your web site has very detailed and well written information, it is a fact that without backlinks, you will never reach the target outcome you have been yearning for. Knowing how to get backlinks is not as easy as it sounds and the quality of what you get is also important. Any kind of link will not do since what matters is getting the best and top quality backlinks you could ever lay your eyes on. There are helpful tips on how to get backlinks for your website and some are proven effective. It may take a lot of work but such is a luxury that you cannot afford to waste.

10. Blog Post Inter-Linking

10 Blog Post Inter-Linking

You might think that interlinking your own blog posts is a bad idea but think again. By interlinking your own blogs, you get a certain degree of structural dominance that binds your online presence. Search engines will be able to identify them more distinctively because they are somehow related. This is how you create balance. This technique also allows some of your unpopular posts to receive a certain degree of attention given the influence of more popular blogs. It is like just a chain wherein each link strengthens each component.

9. Freebies

9 Freebies

This tactic has been used on almost any type of promotional or marketing strategy and gives wonderful results. Who wouldn’t want something for free? Giving away WordPress themes and e-books are good examples to start with. Your giveaways should contain the backlink directly linking to your blog. The key for this tactic to become a success is to know how people would gain the knowledge that you are giving away free items. It is your duty to ensure that the information would be distributed to a variety of sites so that more people will be informed.

8. Press Releases

8 Press Releases

Anything made with sound facts deserves the affection. Anything that gets attention will certainly get traffic. The same rule applies when doing press release blogs. Backing up your facts with press release might not give you tons of backlinks but it sure works in spreading the word about what you have to offer. Something gained is better than nothing at all. The best way to do this is to determine what people are looking for in a story. Make your blog very compelling and then build some backlinks on it.

7. Video Promotion

7 Video Promotion

It is a given fact that text-based sites tend to get pushed sideways when the competition is essentially a video website. Watching videos is arguably more fun than reading. Unfortunately for text lovers, videos rule the day. Videos are so popular to web surfers, that creating wonderful videos and attaching backlinks for your blog or web page is a sure way to gain you more and more links.

6. Posting on Forums

6 Posting on Forums

Forum posting is a proven way to get backlinks. The only problem in this tactic is that you must be able to keep posting and following links since this is what search engines value most. Regularly posting on any forum should be practiced because it is very helpful. Always remember that posting for the sake of just posting something is quite unacceptable. You have to post on topics related to your site. Random posts would take you nowhere.

5. The Social Media

5 The Social Media

Engaging in social media websites had become a daily routine for most people. Social media networking has a very huge influence on how people nowadays think and react. Information can be leaked to any of these social sites which in turn could gain a lot of attention. Using social media sites as a medium to increase the impact of your blogs and other sites would greatly help. You can definitely count on the social network because people can’t seem to get enough of clicking on likes, hearts, shares and thumbs up.

4. Submitting Your Blogs to Top Directories

4 Submitting Your Blogs to Top Directories

Submitting your blog/s to directories would not really take a lot of work. The problem with this tactic is that you have to determine which directories would give you the best results. Looking for the top directories and sending them the links to your blog would assure you that you are on the right path. Remember, always use well known and authoritative directories for quality linking services.

3. Commenting on Blogs

3 Commenting on Blogs

Commenting on blogs has been a very effective way of getting quality backlinks. However, there are serious consequences if you are only posting for the sake of well, getting backlinks. It is a given fact that when commenting on a blog, you have got to post something sensible, relevant, and sincere. Posting just about anything might get you banned and blacklisted.

2. Writing Articles

2 Writing Articles

Writing articles has been considered one of the most effective ways of acquiring quality backlinks. You can write your own articles or you can just outsource this job to qualified writers. It is a very easy and effective approach in getting links since you will just have to submit your article on article directories and the rest is history. The key to this method is that the articles you are going to submit must contain keywords so that search engines will be able to link them properly.

1. Write as a Guest Blogger

1 Write as a Guest Blogger

Do not get confused between commenting on blogs and guest writing on blogs. They are fairly different methods. Writing as a guest on a blog means that you are writing actual content for the blog, not merely stating commentary. This is a good way to get backlinks because it gives you the opportunity to market yourself as a blogger. In this manner, you will be given a chance to show off your skills as an author or as an authority within the niche.


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