Top 10 Under Construction Template Samples You Won’t Regret Putting Up

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Websites that are just being built from the ground up could still make their presence known. Similarly, websites that encounter technical difficulties would be offline for a certain period of time and could use a striking reminder that everything will soon be back to normal. While the blog contents are still being meticulously put together you can utilize an under construction template that site visitors can enjoy looking at. While site elements are getting fixed, you can use this temporary yet effective solution so that visitors will not forget that your site exists. With the most enticing templates, you might also get new subscribers who will have something exciting to look forward to as the countdown to your website launch progresses.

10. Classic “Under Construction”

10 Classic “Under Construction”

This template’s asphalt background and traffic cones are the perfect symbols of real-world construction. If someone sees this on your site-to-be then the message is clear, even without the huge “Under Construction” sign. This particular template is in 3D. This is a great way of informing the public that your site is undergoing maintenance but will be back shortly. Many of these templates are available for free. And even if you will use them for an online business, there’s no need to pay for their use. Designers are even generously offering free downloads for the most responsive templates out there.

9. Coming back soon!

9 Coming back soon!

You can get away from the raw construction themes and project a more sophisticated template such as this very casual “Coming Back Soon” template. You can make use of the social sharing features of this template to continue with active marketing even as the website is still under wraps. And how about giving the visitors and idea of what to expect? Give them a sneak peak of what you’re cooking up. If and when you are in need of a Plan B when technical problems occur, you will have a means of entertaining (and assuring) your subscribers that all shall be well, and that it is only a matter of time.

8. Will blow your mind in 3..2..1..!

8 Will blow your mind in 3..2..1..!

And who says you need to limit yourself to themes that literally depict construction? It is always fun to think out of the box. Leave the hard hats and traffic cones to the rest of the world and look for alternative designs. Many graphic designers are coming up with fun, exciting and very responsive templates to inform your followers that something is being done to make the site better than ever. This particular theme is free and provides social sharing buttons. It also has a subscription box where new followers can register.

7. Classic countdown template

7 Classic countdown template

This elegant template is in full screen and can bear your company logo. Its main features are the digital countdown screen and site updates via e-mail. The countdown is very details, comprising the following elements: years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds—all the more to excite your already impatient avid followers. And don’t worry this timer is accurate and will be true to its purpose.

6. Get creative

6 Get creative

Rather than opt for the typical choices, you may also go for templates with a unique look and alternative themes depicting the concepts of “construction,” “maintenance,” and “renovation.” There are many designers out there who are offering their excellent creative outputs without any fees required.

5. Coming Soon

5 Coming Soon

Sometimes, the impact is more strongly felt when you don’t say much. Instead of choosing a fully-featured temple with all the tools and implements to keep your target audience engaged as you go about refining your website, you can opt for a minimalist Coming Soon template that shows a progress bar and a digital countdown and not much else. If you already have a huge following, you really don’t need a subscription slot on the under-construction advisory, do you?

4. Can’t get enough of the friendly neighborhood foreman

4 Can’t get enough of the friendly neighborhood foreman

There are many different reasons why people can’t get enough of themes depicting various construction and road works objects and characters but we won’t try to understand the justification here. This particular theme is rather famous because of clearly defined reasons and that’s what we’ll rather share with you. You get 100% money back guarantee if it lets you down, and you are provided with round-the-clock technical support. This template is just one of the money in a collection that boasts high revenue from AdSense. In addition, the set that this one belongs to is also guaranteed W3C compliant.

3. Web under maintenance

3 Web under maintenance

Website owners owe it to their followers to let them know when any major change is happening with their site. Coming soon templates allow web owners to retain their following while troubleshooting is being done. Wouldn’t you feel better about any delay in service if you’re looking at a cute and very inspired “under construction” template?

2. Supercharged

2 Supercharged

This theme called “Supercharge” is one of the more famous templates in use today. The battery icon is a very creative way of showing the progress of the site construction particularly the percentage already completed. And while they wait, your future blog followers can already sign up with their e-mail address. Find time to explore in detail the many other benefits of this feature-rich template.

1. Something better to look forward to

1 Something better to look forward to

This is a classy and fully responsive theme that can be configured to your specific needs and preferences. You’ll be happy to know that this template uses HTML5 and is truly state-of-the art. The homepage is a fullscreen slide show featuring elegant eye candy. If you want a customizable, functional, full-featured, and innovative coming soon template, then you can definitely put this theme up and be the better for it. And if you’re wondering about its functional features, this template allows you to feature at least twenty social media sharing buttons. Before we end this discussion, did we mention that our number one template on this list is equipped with video playing capability, too?


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