Top Ten Basic Guidelines for Newbies on How to Promote Your Blog

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Advertising and promoting your blog takes a lot of work, but it all pays off in the end. You may very well be actively involved in marketing your website and have read all the available how to promote your blog literature online. But if you need fresh perspective, allow us give you some with our own list of effective strategies for blog promotion and (free) marketing and exposure.

10. Add you blog URL to your e-mail signature

10 Add you blog URL to your e-mail signature

You can probably do without the catch line or inspirational quote. If you want to increase the following of your blog, you can use the e-mail signature that is provided by most hosting platforms. It is very easy to add your blog’s URL to you e-mail signature. If you’re computer savvy, you may even throw in an eye-catching graphic or two. This is not the time to be shy. Add that blog URL wherever there is the space and the opportunity. Your e-mail accounts is a good enough place to start as any.

9. Share automatically with Google+

9 Share automatically with Google+

Automatic sharing is a great feature of Google Plus and if you don’t take advantage of it then you’re on the losing end. The Google+ community is exponentially expanding as days go by, and you only need to activate your blogger profile to gain access to its many promotional benefits. And since Google is always coming up with fresh gimmicks and ideas, you can only expect better things to come and novel ways of sharing in the future.

8. Get listed in free web directories

8 Get listed in free web directories

If you already have a business e-mail then you are all-set to register in any of the free web directories that will accommodate your business. Here are some of your options:,,,, and The reason why personal e-mails are usually not accepted by these major global directories that that they have very strict anti-spam measures for their (and your) protection.

7. Comment

7 Comment

One sure way to promote your own blog is to comment on other blogs. Usually, a box is provided and you can enter the domain or URL of your own blog. Take the time to fill out blog comment forms because this will help introduce your blog to a new audience. But that is just the half of it. You would have to come up with comments that stand out so that the followers of the blog would take the time to check out your site. Another huge benefit of commenting on other blogs and providing a link to your own on their site is that in due time, you will reap the rewards as your site becomes more optimized.

6. Join contests and become a “Featured Blogger”

6 Join contests and become a “Featured Blogger”

There are a number of perks for blog stars and featured bloggers. If you are bold enough to try your hand at various online writing contests, you just might get discovered. All the organizations that recognize your writing talent would usually feature your blog/s on their own website and you will get additional exposure. And of course, you may flaunt all the awards that you get in all your websites. Who knows, your fan base might expand from there?

5. Share content via social sharing icons

5 Share content via social sharing icons

Our recommendation is that you place social media sharing icons at the top and at the bottom of your webpage. If you provide your visitors with the means of sharing your blog with their own personal networks, you will increase you potential following a hundred-fold. If you make it easy for them tweet about your post, then there’s no reason for them not to click on the link. If you have great images on your site and a pin button to share it, then people would find no reason not to. Make the most of the available sharing options because they will help a lot in your (free) marketing campaign.

4. Join online discussions regularly

4 Join online discussions regularly

For every niche and subtopic, forums abound. All you need to do is find the time to share meaningful conversations with people who have the same interest as you. Being part of forums is also an excellent means of promoting your blog (but don’t push too hard, okay?) And be careful not to bring in spammed content or you’ll end up getting blocked and losing access to a thriving network.

3. Make your content stand out

3 Make your content stand out

Start with a catchy title. If you don’t get this right, this greatly affects the decision of your visitor to explore you site some more. If you want to catch the visitor’s attention immediately, use an arresting, stunning image that will compel him or her to continue on. It is a smart move to post photos related to each blog post. The Internet is a primarily a visual medium and great photos will make your blog stand out from the rest.

2. Make it a habit to refer and link to other blogs

2 Make it a habit to refer and link to other blogs

You also gain more exposure when you link to other posts since the blog owner will be aware of your blog. If he or she decides to visit and follow your blog, then you’d be increasing your network and you didn’t even have to do much work. There’s another means of promoting your own blog via referrals and linkages. Certain software especially designed for blogging utilizes a trackback feature. When you refer to the blog posts of other people, this tool would automatically link to your page. The end result is increased awareness of the public that you exist and if they like your content, you can count on a bigger following in no time.

1. Get as many backlinks as you can

1 Get as many backlinks as you can

The key to successful blog promotion online is linkages. If you focus on strengthening your links with other websites, then you are increasing the probability that your blog will get the traffic that you need. If you work on backlinks, you will reap the rewards in just a short period of time because search engines will learn that you exist and improve your listing in search results. You can start by finding a popular site that is within your niche and send a link exchange request. What are you waiting for?


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