Top 10 Unique Corporate Website Design that Can Benefit Your Business

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Because of its usability and its availability to all, the Internet is now used by many companies to sell and showcase their products and services. Both new business owners who aim to make a name in the business scene and almost all of the big players have now seen the great potential of making use of the internet in their marketing strategies and as a marketing tool. Everyone has easy access to the internet. It allows everyone to get updated, from news to the entertainment and now even some of our daily needs, and the things that we want to know we search through the internet. For these reasons, companies are now making their own websites that can attract their customers to increase sales. There are now many corporate website designs that can give aspiring business owners some guidelines that they could use in making their own site for their business.

Making a website is not an easy task. The site must have a distinctive, professional look and it must meet the company’s needs and purpose. Companies are now hiring experienced professional web designers that could make a site for them that can meet all their corporate needs while remaining professional to achieve a solid and a lasting impression on their customers. These sites must be user friendly and allow the users to browse freely on the company’s webpage. The list below is not based on the company’s sale and profits, this top 10 list for the most unique corporate designs could give you inspiration and ideas in making your own design for your company.

10. Navigating Consulting10 Navigating Consulting

Navigant is a global expert services firm that gives their clients advice in taking critical business risks and opportunity, legal advice and other analytical advisory services. By its previous acquisition of AFE Consulting, who are also an economic consultant firm it strengthened the presence of Navigant in New York. Their site allows easy browsing for users who might need their service.

9. Nokia9 Nokia

Their website also allows easy navigation for their clients who want to view their latest phones and gadgets. Users can also download apps for their phones and tabs on this site. All their products are posted on this site, including new offers and its features. Users can also access the company’s tech support here. The site also is basically an all in website for all Nokia users’ needs.

8. Mail Chimp8 Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is an online platform provider that allows its user to design their own email newsletters, sharing them on different social networks, connect with the services that are already in use and keep track of the results. They have a feature overview on the site that shows a potential client the pricings and the features that you will get when you sign up on their site for free.

7. Apple7 Apple

Like that of Nokia, this site also allows the users to view all the latest products and features that iPhone, iPads and Mac users can download on its page. They also have shipping and pricings overviews that can help their customers decide on which product can meet all their needs and fit their budget. They also post featured products that customers might find interesting.

6. Blackberry6 Blackberry

This site also makes their products and features conveniently available for their consumers. They also have a filter on their site that will allow the users to search for the specific model, design, color and even the telecom service that you prefer. It also has links to help you find a dealer near you that has the product that you need. The site also has software for PC that allows a quick access for your PC and smartphone. You can also download apps for your phone on their site.

5. Microsoft Office5 Microsoft Office

This is a site where users can learn more about the products and the latest versions that they need. Users can also download a free trial of the software for free. You can also download free templates that you can use for your business, images and wallpapers on this site. There are also posted tips on how to get started by product and help you know the product that can suit your needs in your office, business and at home.

4. Coca Cola4 Coca Cola

This website allows the user to view their products in a light and interesting way. They have featured videos of their product on their site that are fun to watch that will surely get your attention. They also feature their latest projects, rewards, latest promos, other products, and its company history. Their website is surely a fun site to visit.

3. Nike3 Nike

Nike’s website allows their customers to choose the right sportswear that they need online. Their website features the latest gears that you can use on the sport that you are in to doing. Whether you are a runner, basketball or football player, a surfer or just want to get the right gear for your workout, they have all the products that you need featured on this site. You can also download an app on this site and get the gadgets that can help you keep track of your work out. This site also features people that can inspire you on your training and you can also use this site to help find a Nike store that is near you.

2. Sony2 Sony

This site allows their customers to view all the products that they have, from electronic gadgets to gaming consoles. They have overviews of the products that they have on this site. You can also download games for your pc or game consoles. You can download some of these games for free. They also feature some of the latest and hottest movies and music on this site.

1. AT&T1 AT&T

This telecommunication company has a really unique website and customers can know all the services and the special offers that they have in this site, including the terms and their special promos. Whether services for your phone, Internet connection, to digital TV all are found in this site, including the prices and the promos they have on them.


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