Top 10 of the Best Blog Hosting Sites that You Will Never Fail You


The Internet has made great advances in human’s life. For instance, today, it is easy to locate hundreds of blog hosting websites. Therefore, if you are a rookie in this area, you might face challenges about searching for the best blog hosting sites. First things first, what is a blog hosting website? If you want to try and engage in blogging, you will need a website in which you will write down your blogs. There are free and paid website hosting.
Blogging, for some is a form of hobby and fun; some use blogging to make a living or earn extra money. Nevertheless and whether you write down blogs for fun, it is very possible to monetize from it and having the right web hosting, with the right features, styles and specifications, your blog can travel far in the virtual world. Your financial plan will play a significant part in the type of blog hosting package you select for your website. It is recommended to come up with a list of the entire things you need in your online presence and project and then select the right package. This would save precious time as well as money. Conduct proper research and always pick the credible and reliable web host. Reading reviews can also help you in getting the right package.

10. BlueHost10. BlueHost

This website hosting site, BlueHost, does not need any form of introduction because this specific hosting website is very famous in the community of bloggers and this one has gained a good credibility and reputation in several years of its operation. BlueHost is well-known for giving excellent customer service support and exceptional services to its clients. In comparison to the other blog hosting sites, BlueHost is offering high quality services at very market competitive pricing/rates.

9. FatCow9.FatCow

FatCow is not new in the community of bloggers and in fact, FatCow gained huge acceptance from the bloggers as well as wide spread recognition of its web hosting services. FatCow offers its clients affordable, yet high quality of web hosting services. For frugal bloggers, FatCow is the best option to try and make the most out of their services. With high satisfaction rating and good positive reviews, FatCow is one of your preferred providers of web hosting for your blogs.

8. HostMonster8.HostMonster

HostMonster is a hosting website that offers one of the highest qualities of products and services to go along with an excellent customer service support. The products offered here at HostMonster are little bit expensive in comparison to FatCow, but some added features and of course, their customer support made it sufficient enough to cover that extra costing. They have accrued good and positive reviews about their products and services.

7. Ixwebhosting7.Ixwebhosting

This hosting website known as Ixwebhosting is not as popular as other web hosting providers like HostMonster. However, their pricing can sway you to try their services and product. You will not be disappointed on their products as Ixwebhosting is gaining grounds in the area of website hosting. Their pricing is better than the others and it is good to try them in your way of creating your online presence through your blogs.

6. HostGator

HostGator is one of the popular blog hosting websites and their popularity is for all times. In terms of the products and services they provide, you can feel you are getting the best in this area of the Internet. Their hosting packages are very attractive to go along with very competitive pricing. If you need basic or advance hosting package for your own blogging website, you can try their products. However, one of the problems of HostGator is their customer service support; however, according to them, they are putting every effort to improve this area of their business.

5. Immotion

5.ImmotionEvery blogger wants blogging website that does not have any downtime in its operation. Downtime means stoppage in their works and productivity. This is the main advantage of using the web hosting product from Immotion. You will not experience any downtime in their hosting and every moment, their product is up and running and conforming to things you want. In addition to the wonderful services, Immotion thrives in providing one of the excellent technical support services to clients.

4. Powweb4.Powweb

The Powweb is basically supporting the idea of green web hosting. Powweb is offering the clients with sustainable web hosting solutions at a very reasonable and competitive price. You may wonder about the quality of the products and services they offer, but no, even if their services are operated with sustainable and green sources of energy, you will still have the best and quality hosting services putting your blog website into the Internet world.

3. Godaddy

3.GodaddyGoDaddy is very popular as a web hosting website. In fact, you may even hear them sponsoring a sporting event like college football. GoDaddy leads the pack in terms of products and services. However, some of their drawback is the little bit expensive rates for their hosting packages. Another thing is that they do not offer unlimited disk space. However, having unlimited disk space is unnecessary in blogging so it is alright to try them. Their round the clock customer service support is superb.

2. WebHostingPad

2.WebHostingPadThe WebhostingPad is one of the cheapest, affordable and best blog hosting sites of today. You can depend and rely on their hosting products and services. Their products can do the job for your blogging needs and more. Their packages are designed to give you what you need at very friendly and affordable rates. Their customer support is also commendable.

1. iPage

1.iPageiPage offers great hosting packages for bloggers as well as small business. Their products are rich in content and features and you can have their products for very low and affordable prices. Their hosting features are all unlimited – disk space, bandwidth and databases. They also have web design and web marketing tools that can help your blogs.


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