Top 10 WordPress Newspaper Themes That Will Make Your Website Popular and Productive

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Magazine and newspaper style websites are now popular in today’s modern world. This is because a nice newspaper design is efficient for providing a lot of facts in an organized and simple way. WordPress newspaper themes are the best platforms for publishing news and blogs because of their extensive range of modification options, easy-to-use features and several widgets available for web organizers.

Themes play a significant part in web pages by utilizing the WordPress program. The content provides an efficient value to your site and to your readers. That’s why choosing the right theme for your site is important as it helps create a fun and amazing experience that engages the reader to visit. Alluring designs and colors with easy-to-use and read font styles and fast navigation menus offer extra beauty to your site and increase the number of visitors. If you own a news or magazine website, it is always a must to select the top theme to ensure that your site will continue to boom. Below is the list of top ten WordPress themes that will make your site popular and a must to visit:

10. Black Aperture

Black Aperture

Black Aperture is a classy theme filled with customizations and features. This theme can be utilized for any kind of blog, but it works more effectively with video game reviews and updates. The state-of-the-art feature of Black Aperture is an editable narrative box just under every post heading, which allows you to compose quick info’s about the video game in question, including its publisher, program, name, creator, date released and genre. It also contains a graphic ranking scheme.

9. Ares


Ares is a highly sophisticated and tidy theme ideal for magazine designed blogs. It has a customary featured posts slider that welcomes guests with the most significant and up-to-date content on the web site. Also all fresh posts are placed in a way that is artistically attractive to the eye. Ares also has appropriate customization selection for widgets, menus and social media ads.

8. Repro


Repro is a proficient theme for a magazine type website. It has sufficient space for widget areas, including mode widgets for vides, photos, ads and social media. Repro covers two columns that tidily posts and outline the pages of your online magazine.

7. Gadgetine


Gadgetine is a theme precisely equipped for newspaper and magazine styled WordPress blogs that also play as a monetization and associate website. It comprises eight sectors and three columns to classify and spot news articles. Gadgetine is distinguished for its abundant allowance for ad and banner space. This theme is perfect for publishing news and blogs while grossing an income on the side.

6. Volt


Volt is one of the WordPress newspaper themes that specifically focus on readability and the placing of features on the screen in a way that is visually attractive for guests. This theme is notable for its layout transaction option that allows the web developer to move the content to check out their right place on the screens. It also offers sufficient space for monetization and marketing. Volt is one of the highly recommended WordPress themes for those who are highly concerned with news productions.

5. LeetPress


LeetPress is one of the amazing themes specifically prepared for video game journals. The theme itself comprises a splendid full-width slider that quickly present highlighted video games on the page. The two-column outline tidily isolates the most updated posts, reviews and videos organized with banner space for marketing. LeetPress also comprises a modifiable ranking program to introduce the advantages, disadvantages and the general score of the game. It also has a drop-down packet that compromises information such as the game’s genre, program, producer and date of release.

4. Periodic


Periodic is a first-class theme for magazine and news sites. The total appearance provides a classy and sleek design without ignoring the readability. This user-friendly and easy-to-use theme comprises a featured posts slider, navigation menu, ad and banner space, eleven norm widgets and a surplus of customizable elements. It has two fixed layout columns that provide plenty of room for social media, content and monetization selection that allows the web developer to upgrade his or her blog to the highest level.

3. Goodnews


Goodnews is a brilliant, mostly white-colored theme designed for news blogs. It has a standard navigation option to sort your pages consequently. It also has a featured-posts slider to lead guests to the most significant information or content. The Goodnews theme has two columns that isolate certain videos, social media, images, comments, Twitter, RSS and any other famous inside widgets to the right and news articles to the left. It also has enough space for banner and ad marketing. It is a tidy and modest theme, professionally designed for an expert presentation and finish.

2. Deadline


If you want a compelling magazine and newspaper theme, then the Deadline theme is the best for you. Deadline is a proficient theme that features a lot of modifiable options linked with the affluence of navigation and classiness of readability. It also allows the web developer to place ads and banners for monetization, to organize the site’s outline, to display the latest featured videos, Tweets and display significant images and more. The theme utilizes a standard two-column outline that can be modified and tweaked to compliment the nature of the magazine or blog. By modifying the color design and structures of your newspaper or blog with Deadline, you can easily have an outstanding website.

1. London Live

London Live

When it comes to the elegance and readability of your newspaper or magazine site, nothing can beat the London Live. Only a few themes can counterpart the archetypal graphic appeal of London Live. Its black-and-white scheme resembles an archetypal printed newspaper, and it has a two-column outline that neatly arranges everything on the site. It also contains a featured-posts slider, a standard navigation tool, search bar, banner and ad space, video widget and a Flicker image stream. This excellent theme is equipped with more features than other themes, ideal for professional web developers and content providers. London Live is always the finest choice for any magazine and news blog.

The top 10 WordPress newspaper themes mentioned above are only an element of selections available to you. Selecting the right theme for your site requires an adequate amount of time to ensure that you’ve selected the most appropriate theme that will heighten the uniqueness of your site. A theme is one of the significant features of a website that everyone should be serious in choosing.



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