Top 10 Considerations When Looking for Blog Writers for Hire

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There is undoubtedly high demand for high quality online content. Good blog writers are the sources of good website content. For this reason website owners are always looking out for blog writers for hire. If you are not yet part of this bandwagon then you might want to seriously consider hiring writers to provide variety and excitement to your existing content creation strategy. For those who choose to post only well-researched and well written content by professionals who are experts at content marketing, you can always up the ante and use the most stringent hiring criteria. Here are 10 important aspects to consider in hiring new blog writers to add to your team.

10. Your ability to blog

10 Your ability to blog

You know very well that it takes a certain kind of talent to write blogs. And you know very well that the content of your site determines largely how successful it would be once you publish it for the world to see. But have you asked yourself whether you have what it takes to blog? That should be sorted out at the outset. If you don’t blog then it makes sense to hire writers to blog for you. If you can blog but do not have the time (of find it too boring), then you have no choice but to find people who will write for you.

9. Your business model

9 Your business model

The reality is hiring writers will cost you money. You need to ask yourself whether you will earn the money to pay them otherwise it’s not a smart move at all to pay writers out of your own pocket. When you are considering how many writers to hire, you have to consult your business plan and see whether the decision to get writers will result in a reasonable return of investment. Some of the things that you need to consider are the life value of each post as well as the profits that would come from ads. These as well as other factors are the primary considerations for deciding how much you will pay each writer per output.

8. The competition

8 The competition

There’s one thing that you should realize early on. For sure, your competitors are hiring writers and some of the best out there may already be writing content that’s leading the traffic away from your site. These days, it’s not really a question of not caring whether you ought to hire or not. What you need to focus on is getting the best talent out there before the cream of the crop is hired by everyone else.

7. Volume

7 Volume

Once your blog is up and running and you are enjoying a successful initial run, then you really might be needing a horde of bloggers, especially if the niche you’ve chosen to belong it is high volume. It is simply fulfilling the demand and if you don’t have the capability to respond to it then it will eventually reflect as a loss on your part.

6. Traffic

6 Traffic

Having no traffic at all is a reason to consider hiring new blood to write your content. You might be a good writer yourself but your blogging style may not be cutting it. Having lots of traffic is another reason to hire additional writers to keep the content interesting and stimulating so that the traffic is maintained. If you had good traffic before and then suddenly things have gone sour, you also might do better hiring new bloggers to write for you.

5. Content continuity

5 Content continuity

If you are already providing content readers with reliable and dependable content, then you want to keep it up and not fail their expectations. If you already have content that resonates well with your followers, you might seriously want to consider getting more writers who will be able to help you with content continuity.

4. Blogging goals

4 Blogging goals

Say what? If you do not have blogging goals, then you need to write down some. To be able to strategize your goals must be clear or there will be no clear direction to aim for. The need for blogging goals is not just for business bloggers but personal bloggers as well. It would be difficult to generate leads when it is not clear to you where you want to go from where you are now. So, what do you want to achieve with your blog? Think about it, write your objectives down and start from there. You will know at the outset whether you need to hire other writers to get to where you want to go.

3. What are your criteria?

3 What are your criteria

Now, we go to the nitty-gritty. If you do not yet have a list of characteristics that you would require of your blog writer, then we have a few suggestions. Hire a blog writer who has the following skills: attention to detail, punctuality, concision and clarity, an open mind, research skills, the ability to write with grammatical ease, and an understanding of search engine optimization. But this is not an absolute list. It would depend on you what the final criteria would be.

2. For added value

2 For added value

And by that we mean that other writers can provide fresh ideas and new perspectives that just might be what your blog needs. New writers can provide stimulating and valuable content that could boost your website traffic.

1. Their blogging skills

1 Their blogging skills

A good writer is not necessarily a good blogger. Blog posts are not novels or short stories and the most arresting writer of shorts may not have the talent to come up with a blog post that engages readers from start to finish. What you need to look for when hiring a blogger to write content for you is whether he or she has blogging skills. Does the writer know how to write headlines and meta-descriptions? Can he or she express ideas in short and concise sentences? Can the writer come up with a statement that would compel the website visitor to eventually make a purchase?


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