Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers That are Interesting and Work Best for Them

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WordPress is the new home for many photographers who want to showcase their talents in photography. It also serves as the haven for those who are photography enthusiasts and find joy in browsing through different good pictures. People can, as well, get brilliant ideas on what makes a good photo and how it affects many viewers by looking through the different interesting WordPress sites.

The WordPress online site is not just for photographers alone, however. This can also be a good venue for companies or entrepreneurs who want to market their products and services by posting great photos. All that is needed is to have interesting WordPress templates for photographers that can stir the attention of the viewers. The market value of a brilliant photo will deteriorate if it is not being presented well at the online page. Hence, a good WordPress template is a must-have.

10. Photography10. Photography

Photography is one of the WordPress templates that do not downgrade the quality of the photos presented. This is ideal for both professional and beginner photographers. The clean and grid-like layout of Photography makes it easy for the eyes to browse through the photos. Also, this has a Post Format feature wherein the past photos can be seen in a special slideshow format.

9. SimplePress9. SimplePress

SimplePress is for those who want to have a somewhat corporate feel or business style to the homepage. It is characterized by a clean homepage with minimalist layout. Also, this is ideal for photographers who do not only enjoy posting photos but also post blog articles in the page. Hence, the WordPress page is not just about photos but also stories or online articles that can catch the interest of the viewers. The SimplePress also has well-integrated slider under JavaScript which makes lay outing of photos easier.

8. Multimedia Reloaded8.  Multimedia Reloaded

The Multimedia Reloaded template is for those are not only fond of posting photos but videos as well. It has a clean and user-friendly homepage design which is advantageous not only for the blogger but also for the online visitors or viewers. It has a grid-like homepage design that allows easy browsing of photos and videos. Plus, the Multimedia Reloaded has various media embedding features that make the uploading and arranging of photos/videos so easy and fun.

7. Photolux7.  Photolux

Photolux template is a combination of elegance and power. The color and arrangement of still photos give a certain elegant aura at the homepage while its background color and line fills give it an edgy look. Also, the template is ideal for those who want to showcase their photos at a first glance. Photolux allows the designer/photographer to put a lot of photos in the grid-like design of the homepage. This is made possible by its Pexeto Panel, which makes the management and modification of photos so easy. Photolux has three-color choices for the background – transparent, light and dark. Plus, it allows the owners to customize the page by having a personalized background design.

6. KIN6. KIN

Another interesting WordPress template for photographers is this KIN template. This is called by many as the magazine-type template that allows the posting of both still photos and videos. The homepage is a reflection of at most two large photos that can be considered as the cover page. Plus, it has a slider feature that makes photo browsing more fun and the management of portfolios easier. The KIN template has two kinds of variations, depending on what suits the taste of the owner.

5. Gallery5. Gallery

The Gallery template is a reflection that of an online album wherein one can browse through the thumbnail of photos easily through its sidebar panel. If one opts to zoom in the photo, he just needs to click its thumbnail. What makes Gallery more interesting is that this allows photographers to upload many photos. The photographer will just place the folder of photos to the chosen theme of the Gallery, then the page will automatically arrange the photos according to the chosen theme. This is truly an ideal template of showcasing one’s visual portfolios. In its Admin Panel, the owner can customize the page by changing the color and font style.

4. Photocrati4.  Photocrati

Photocrati is one of the most preferred templates by many photographers who are using WordPress for their photos portfolio. Aside from posting photos, this template also enables blog posting. So, this does not only feed the eyes but it also enriches the mind by reading the blogs. There are different themes under Photocrati; hence, the owner has many options on how his/her page would look like. One can even customize the layout of the page without necessarily going through the coding system. Photocrati is, indeed, a very user-friendly WordPress template. This is ideal for beginners.

3. Wp Foto3. Wp Foto

The Wp Foto template is recommended especially for those who are still starting at the WordPress blogging. This template is easy to manage and photos can be easily arranged accordingly. This is characterized by a single layout feature that allows owners to display folders (archive, category, etc.) of their photos at the homepage. The design of this template is simple and clean. There is enough breathing space at the page since it is not overcrowded with too many photos at a single page.

2. Landscape2.  Landscape

The Landscape template has six available layout choices. So, the photographer or blog owner has enough choices on what kind of layout he/she wants for the page. Plus, this is compatible with BuddyPress feature and allows threaded comments. This makes the page more fun and interesting since people can interact with each other or leave comments about the photos uploaded at the site. The Landscape template is also known for its elegant design that allows the photos to shine, showcasing its beauty and the creativity of the photographer.

1. Origin Responsive WordPress Theme1.  Origin Responsive WordPress Theme

This template is being considered as one of the favorites among WordPress templates for photographers. The sleek layout is a plus, without sacrificing the purpose of the site, which is to showcase all photos. This template allows the photographers to post many photos in a single screen as if telling a story through the arrangement of the photos. The grid design showcases the images in a narrative pattern. What makes this more interesting is that this works well also with mobile phones. So, one can basically browse through the images through his/her mobile phones without being annoyed with too much photo browsing. By a single look, one can already view the photos. This is ideal for photographers who want to post their photos in a very user-friendly template.


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