Top 10 WordPress Video Themes – Providing Unlimited Possibilities

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All WordPress video theme applications have been around for a long time, which are useful applications among all creative people. It has a diverse collection of file contents that are unified to produce state-of-the-art graphical presentations for blogs and other websites. The best thing with its evolution is that more and more unique, complicated, and functional products are created and are used to attract more website visitors and readers. Whether you’re a novice or expert to any WordPress application, you can have the power to create new and unlimited possibilities of artworks. To give you more learning and options, here are the top 10 WordPress video themes in the current generation that you can use.

10. Gigawatt10 Gigawatt

If you want to create a unique and tailored video content, Gigawatt WordPress video theme has the perfect features to use. With grungy designing options, it is suitable for producing vintage and classic videos. Its key features include a Flexible Home Page that offers easy navigability. With great flexibility, you can use the simple dragging and dropping widget system for more controlled homepage lay outing. Its massive 940 pixels wide viewport in the posts pages can provide a larger place for HD videos. If you have a website of your own, you can utilize the jPlayer plugin for adding videos. This way you can upload and host your website videos at the same time.

9. Cinematic9 Cinematic

The Cinematic WordPress video theme allows you to edit and customize your personal videos from other website services. You can put specific information regarding yourself or the website to provide more information to your site visitors/readers. You can have unlimited possibilities of creating stunning pages and manage the contents through a WordPress application. Its features cover a built in Content Slider and MyGallery Image Slider, Threaded comments, and is Gravatar and Social Ready. Cinematic has massive features for you to discover.

8. Invictus

For those creative people such as photographers, Invictus possesses the responsive full screen background theme with an ample amount of useful features. You have the freedom to do great possibilities in creating quality images and videos the way you want. Its two color schemes, the Black and White, its navigable theme options, and its unlimited Color selections, provides endless creativity.

7. Video Zoom7 Video Zoom

Videozoom is the WordPress video theme that exudes undeniable elegance complete with a neat feature slider. The slider feature allows easy playing of your videos and embedment to your website posts. This theme has a ZOOM framework option for easy customization of details on the videos. To give your website readers more options, they can click the posts styles with the Multiple Layouts tool. The WordPress Dashboard would then help you create the menu, covering the pages, specific categories, custom links, as well as the drag and drop options, all within a few seconds. The best thing is that the theme is designed with versatility in mind, wherein you can play YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and of course, your own hosted videos through the JW Player integration.

6. Premiere6 Premiere

Created by WooThemes, the powerful Premiere WordPress video-based theme has wonderfully designed features and tools. This theme is all about great custom-ability due to its custom single video page template, social sharing links, recommendable videos, with home page slider. This one is suitable for those novice or experienced videographers and movie fanatics.

5. Complexity 25 Complexity 2

With the innovative changes and upgrades from Complexity 1, the Complexity 2 rocks the lists of the top-seller and patronized WordPress Video Themes. With the continuous updates, Complexity 2 can offer a sundry of personal or commercial, and portfolio themes that are customizable. It has a flexible yet simple homepage for tons of awesome lay-outing options with color and designing selections. Though made with complexities of features and tools, Complexity has the full package to offer you.

4. Right Now4 Right Now

One of the impressive technology-produced WordPress video themes is the Right Now, Fully Video, Image with Audio. Its uniqueness is best suited for those videographers, photographers, and creative people. It provides a revolutionary touch to modern HTML5 and CSS3. It is fully enhanced with AJAX, Seamless Background, advanced Audio Playlist, and much Speedy Experience. Here, you can simply draw the screen and then directly navigate to any visual content. You can get even rid of the boring Modal Windows usage. In addition, this version has solved mobile browser issues through the updated file contents.

3. On Demand3 On Demand

For any virtually video-centric website developer/designer, On Demand WordPress theme packs all the easy-to-use features. You can embed any of your personally hosted video through the video services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and much more. To post a video, just simply select the video post format and copy/paste the embedded code or better yet use the standard shortcodes to make sure success is on the way. With its content carousel, up to 8 featured categories can be displayed. For readers to easily catch up and navigate your site, you can use the content carousel and configure the website’s navigation options.

2. onPlay2 onPlay

onPlay is the future of WordPress Video Themes. It is full-packed with unique, flexible, customizable, and very easy-to-use features and tools. onPlay has the ZOOM framework, which supports customization on the video or image details. To showcase your posts, you can utilize the configurable slider, found on the homepage. For exclusive embedment on each video, the custom post options are the right tools. Just like a carousel, the sliding gallery can allow you and your readers in viewing the posts. The best thing is that it offers unlimited tabbed/featured categories, which can help you add as many tabs and categories as you like.

1. Video Flick1 Video Flick

If you are looking for an all-around Video WordPress Theme, Video Flick is the best choice. With a gallery style of video themes, Video Flick gives your users more accessibility to your website’s pages in an efficient way. Through its aesthetically designed display, it provides a more appealing look. To make the work easy, Video Flick offers tools that you can use to seamlessly blend any standard blog or video post. In just a matter of seconds via its Video and Thumbnail option tools, you can get a good number of videos posted directly to your website. There is no need to deal with time-consuming copy/pasting of embedded code. Compared to other themes, Video Flick can support more website services, including,,,,, as well as Google and Flash Video. If you know the basics of WordPress, then it wouldn’t be hard to use Video Flick.


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