Top Ten Best Design Blogs of 2012

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Blogs come in many different forms and the variety that is available today confirm the overwhelming fact that designing blogs has reached new levels in the past year alone. Some blogs discuss general information while some are more focused on a single or very specific topic. Among the many categories that people the world over blog about, a significant number seems to be really into reading and searching about the best design blogs on the Internet. Blogs on the topic include plenty of discussions regarding what is new in the designing industry, the available techniques, the dos and don’ts and so much more. The reason why a lot of traffic is directed to such sites is that they are often made to be very interactive so that the readers find much enjoyment in browsing. Here are ten of our favorites.

10. Fuel Your Creativity

10 Fuel Your Creativity

Joel Falconer is the mind behind this one-of-a kind blog, “Fuel Your Creativity.” Even though his profession is an editor, he also does a lot of tweaking on themes and logos for certain people. Nurturing one’s creative side and exploring new creative avenues are the main attractions of this blog. The reader is given access to a number of beautiful ideas on what other people think about – how they view their own creations. It also provides useful insights on how they accomplished certain things. It is a blog where interaction takes place in a very creative environment.

9. David Airey

9 David Airey

Catering to the needs of large companies when it comes to selling their products via the World Wide Web has been the specialty David Airey. And he sticks to it and becomes even better at what he does. Being a graphic designer, he has been servicing multi-national brands in finding their identity and improving branding awareness. His blog is all about his experiences in helping companies gain profit. His blog has tons of history and testimonials where people can learn much from.



Behance is more of a blog that lets people post their art work and products with hopes of getting hired. It allows designers to capture ideas that other artist have showcased in their posts. This blog allows you to search by categories, which makes is easier especially if you are looking for a certain design or artwork. It allows every designer to freely let the viewers see their designs. And it provides avenues for appreciation and continued patronage of specific artists’ works as well.

7. Blog.SpoonGraphics

7 Blog.SpoonGraphics

If you are really passionate about designing then this blog can be your newest best friend. Blog.SpoonGraphics is loaded with tons of tutorials on Photoshop techniques as well as Adobe Illustrator. It presents useful downloadable sources as well which can guide you in your designing task. Articles can also be read from this blog that discusses design related strategies and projects which you might find helpful in many ways.

6. Information Aesthetics

6 Information Aesthetics

The creation of this blog stemmed from the influence of a professor in Computer Science namely Lev Manovich. He has this very unique view on how information is to be displayed and interpreted using a variety of designs and symbols. His conclusions led to the creation of a blog which defines the relative coherence of design and information put together to bring forth a never before seen visualization. This blog has a compilation of unique projects that represents all sorts of data. Check out a collection that ranges from simple to overwhelming.

5. Toxel

5 Toxel

Toxel offers a compilation of awesome designs which are used for day to day needs. It has tons of information regarding designs using everyday personal stuff like mugs, shoes and shirts. This blog also has articles about creative designs for your bed as well for your chair (if you’re looking for some). Some unique and cool stuff are being posted in this blog which for some could be a trifle weird. Anything out of the ordinary is the main theme of this blog which makes it one of a kind.

4. FlowingData

4 FlowingData

FlowingData is the brainchild of a statistician named Nathan Yau. The purpose of this blog is to guide and help people to understand how data is perceived through visualization and design creation. Everything in this world consist of data, which means that everything can be represented in forms of varying design and structures. This blog has very helpful articles on the subject matter as well as interesting facts about creative design and visualization.

3. inhabitat

3 inhabitat

Evolution is a certainty that cannot be stopped or controlled by anyone. The same principle applies when talking about the evolution of creative designs, architecture and technology. The aim of this blog is to keep people updated and well informed about what’s new in design. It has updates on the trends on home furnishing as well as upcoming technological innovations.

2. Fubiz

2 Fubiz

Fubiz is one of the most well renowned blogs that is purely based on design and innovation. It has made its mark with regular posts of trendy and mind blowing creations that would take your designing curiosity to the next level. It has very helpful articles on what’s new and what is the best design currently available. This blog provides a gold mine of information on any design you could possibly imagine. The coverage is so huge it is even hard to explain where to start. Why don’t you just explore the possibilities yourself?

1. You the Designer

1 You the Designer

The ultimate blog for designers has got to be “You the Designer.” This blog is loaded with a huge compilation of articles on graphic designs. This blog also aims to inform readers about new topics and updates related to graphics and design. It also includes various tutorials to help you through your own struggle with the different aspects of designing. In here, you will also find downloadable and printable templates for various publications. Another cool feature of this blog is that is offers a lot of freebies like downloadable icons, Photoshop brushes, wallpapers as well as vectors.


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