Web Design Software By 1&1: Helping Novices Design Their Own Websites

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web design software by 1&1

Do you find it hard to keep up with technology, especially when you hear terms like “building web sites?”

For people who are not so computer literate, it may sound and seem daunting. But the good news is anyone can build their own website nowadays. This is because there are lots of software you can use, such as web design software by 1&1.  It is reputed to be one of the most intuitive web design software available on the market.

You may harbor some doubts as to your ability to put up a decent website with your limited computer literacy, but the task is doable and easier than you realize.  With proper preparation, the right online information sources and a resource person or two, it is possible to design and put up a basic website — in less than a day.  Customization, maintenance and improvements can come later.

The Basics Of Web Building

Let’s say for example, you and your friends are planning to create your own website. Load and tasks sharing is important. Designate someone, preferably with artistic skill, to come up with a logo, another to dig up and scan old photographs, and still another to draft content.

The rest of the group needs to learn the nuts and bolts of website creation beginning with the basics.  For this, you have to look up and save a glossary of terms and browse a few sites that deal with creating websites from scratch.  Luckily, the internet has a lot of resources on the subject.  Your problem then immediately shifts to finding the site that uses the simplest language that even a novice, like you, can understand.

The amount of resources that provide very good instruction will amaze you and soon you will be building a trial website for your group.  You must fiddle with as many customization tasks like font selection, color, backgrounds and themes as you can.  Do as many trial websites as you need to, in order to obtain hands-on experience in web building, design, and editing.  There are many free sites that allow unlimited practice.

Sites That Can Help

There are various sites on the internet like 1and1.com, that help novices create their own website. 1and1 offers to host two main types of websites: the personal (which would apply to your group if you decide to use their service), and the business website.  For both types, the design software is already within the web and every aspect of customization is clearly explained.  There are even a lot of tutorials on how to edit text, choose topics, replace background graphics, etc. 1and1.com has done a good job of making web creation instructions so simple they are almost like idiot guides.

Should you get past designing the website, 1and1.com has more information about domain registration, hosting, and even SEO related services for commercial websites.

Getting Expert Advice

After spending a few days reading about web sites, web hosting, domain name registration, and building trial websites, you should consider validating everything you have learned thus far. Typical questions when learning how to create a website would be:

  • Where can we find the best themes and background graphics?
  • Which site offers good hosting service?
  • What is a good domain name?
  • Are there disadvantages to free hosting?
  • How can you make your website look professionally done?

The answers you get will either validate the ideas in your head, or correct any misconceptions.

Get Cracking

Once you have the necessary skills and know-how, you can now confidently build your website.  Collect and upload the images, logo and the content for your website. If you think edit/revisions are needed, Web design software by 1&1 and other web creation software allows editing easily.  Even the best websites are updated from time to time – yours will not be an exception.


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