Top 10 Cool Names for Twitter That Will Spice Up Your Twitter Life

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It is undeniable that Twitter has become a part of the lives of many people worldwide. Who would not? Twitter is not just a venue for keeping up with friends but it also serves as a vehicle to connect with other people around the globe, whether you know them or not. Plus, you will be able to share with them the latest updates about yourself or some new things, like cool names for Twitter.

Twitter has also been one of the ways where people can easily raise funds for humanitarian purposes. There were many instances before wherein funds and services were gathered immediately to help victims of hurricane, earthquake and other catastrophes. This was made possible by simply tweeting.

One of the great things about Twitter is that you can customize your account by using cool names for Twitter. It is not necessary that you will use your real name. You can have names that are close to your personality. The following are some tips on how to spice up you Twitter accounts.

10. Offensive is not coolcensorship-twitter

There are many Twitter users who are using offensive names, which can take some people aback. This is not cool. Offensive and malicious usernames are not cool names for Twitter. You might consider it as fun but some people are not happy about it. This means that you have to take full responsibility of whatever you do at your Twitter. Yes, it might be yours but there is an added responsibility on how you behave online.

9. Pet namespopular-male-dog-names-th

Yes, we all love our dogs, cats and other pets that we dearly hold in our homes. There are many Twitter users who are using Twitter usernames that of their pets. This is so cool because this does not lay-away the identity of the user. Although you are not using your real name but still it speaks of you because the pet is somehow a part of you. There are even Twitter users who still use the photos of their pets in their accounts instead of their own images. Plus, this also serves as a venue to keep in touch with fellow pet lovers through Twitter. You might receive a lot of tweets upon seeing the photo of your pet dog/cat.

8. Cartoon charactershow-to-draw-a-cute-hip-hello-kitty

Now, this not new. There are many Twitter users who are using cartoon characters as their Twitter names. Some are using names of Japanese animation characters. To give it more attitude, they combine it with their name and the cartoon character name. So, if your name is Carla and your favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty – you can have Hello Carla as your Twitter name. This is so cool especially among those who are fond of cartoon shows/movies. Also, this will surely spice up your Twitter since people can relate easily to you by just viewing your Twitter name. Upon seeing it, they will know right away that you are a fan of cartoons.

7. PlacesEiffel02

There are Twitter users who combine their names with the place where they are living at or maybe their favorite place. This does not only speak about you as the owner of the account but it also spices up the interest of some people about the place you are referring. You can have @MichParis, @TimesSquareJohn, @NYCKaren, or @DisneylandTina. There are still many varieties for this. What makes it more personal and interesting is that it speaks of where you are at present or your favorite place on earth. This can invite people to tweet about their favorite places too or that they have visited your favorite place.

6. Real full name504x_custom_1247768322172_sticker

It is not off-tangent to use your real full name in Twitter. Although lots of people are using pseudonyms, still it is cool to use your real name. In this way, people can easily get in touch with you and there is no hassle of finding you in Twitter. Also, people can easily identify you because it is your real name – and not just real name, but full name to that matter. Using your real full name is not something to be embarrassed about. This goes out especially if you are a celebrity.

5. Adjectivesbeautiful-600x400

One of cool names for Twitter is a combination of your name and an adjective about you. This is not something new, however. There are lots of Twitter users who are using this already and still it is being preferred by many. Some examples of this include @LovelyDarla, @CoolMike, @FiercyKristine, @SexyDarla, etc. In this way, it speaks of you and does not make your Twitter so boring. This can call attention of the many Twitter users since you are using adjectives that totally speak about you. Meanwhile, try to use adjectives that are genuinely for you -adjectives that truly describe who you are. In this way, people will see your sincerity and not someone who is just lying online.

4. Movie charactersjames-bond-films

Using movie characters as your Twitter name is deemed by many as overly used but still way so cool. You can combine your name with your favorite movie character such as James Bond, Mr. Bean, Charlie’s Angels, Black Mamba, etc. Try using a movie character name that is known by many so that people will not keep on wondering who you are referring at. Also, this gives you an identity in the Twitter world because, somehow, your chosen movie character is someone you think you are in this real world.

3. Someone who you are but not your real nameRunning-on-beach;-by-sundero

What does this mean? This is used by many Twitter users – they combine their name/nickname that of a noun that is also them. A very good example is this – @MikeRunner, @JoanHipHopDancer, @BallerinaGret, @SpeedDriverBrent or @LawyerMichelle. This is not just cool but it is also personalized. By just looking at your Twitter name, people can right away identify who you are and what is your main interest.

2. Your professiondoctor

Some Twitter users are using their profession or job titles as their Twitter names. This is quite cool and interesting since it also speaks of you as a person. Your job is a part of you which is important; hence, using a Twitter name of your job title is very personalized. You can have @LawyerChick, @TheScriptWriter, @ArmyMajor, @CoolMarine, @YourCEO, or @DoctorLove.

1. Your nicknamenickname

One of the best cool names for Twitter is still your nickname. Your nickname is the closest thing about you. Also, your nickname is somewhat cute because this is not your regular name that you usually use in your corporate job. It is more laidback and relax-sounding.


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