Top 10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Be the Next Millionaire

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One of the income-generating means nowadays is to monetize your blog. With the wide opportunities and seemingly unlimited reach of the Internet, blogging has become the best option for e-commerce. What makes this more interesting is that you can just basically do this at the comfort of your own home and be your own boss. No pressure from time and deadlines.

On the other hand, maintaining a blog takes some efforts and attention especially if you are using it for monetizing purposes. Having a blog is not enough for this. You should have a nice blog that is being visited by many people everyday. It should be interesting both in appearance and content. Also, uploading and downloading should be in a great speed. You should always take into mind that online viewers/visitors do not have much patience. They can leave your website any time they want to, even if the uploading is still not yet done.

In this case, it is best that you should know the creative ways on how to maintain your blog for income-generation purposes. The following are some simple tips which can guide you to be the next millionaire:

10. Maximize the use of your smart phone10. Maximize the use of your smart phone

It is the age of digital breakthrough that even mobile phones are now capable of accessing online data information. Also, almost all people are now using their mobile phones to access their emails or browse through the Internet. They also check on blogs and social networking sites using their phones. Hence, it is about time that you upgrade your mobile phone. Check on the latest applications and plug-ins in order to maintain your blog and to monetize your blog as well. Surely, there are mobile templates that allow you to layout and design your blog using your mobile phone.

9. Promote brands in your blog9. Promote brands in your blog

There are bloggers who are promoting certain brands in their blogs. Some even are making product reviews for certain products and put online links to these articles. In this case, you can opt for package sponsorship. You can tap companies that want their products to be advertised through product reviews. Surely, there are companies who will go for this kind of scheme. Other than your blogs, you can sidetrack promoting the brand through your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

8. Brand videos8. Brand videos

In connection with promoting brands, another way to make money out from your blog is to make a video of a certain brand. Companies and entrepreneurs will surely invest into this kind of marketing. This is more exciting since video is a very effective promotional medium. If your blog site allows embedding videos and have enough space for this purpose, then, go for making brand videos. This will also excite your readers because they need not read the product review or online article. All they have to do is watch and listen to the video you have posted.

7. Always update your applications7. Always update your applications

In order to be at par with the fast-changing world of technology, you should be vigilant on the latest applications or programs that the bloggers are using. In this way, you can be on track and will not be left behind with your fellow bloggers. Also, try to keep on scouting for programs that can best suit well in maintaining or improving your blog. There are many available e-commerce programs that can be downloaded both for desktops or mobile phones. Some of these are available for free.

6. Maintain a portfolio6. Maintain a portfolio

Another way to monetize your blog is also to sell yourself. This can be done by maintaining a portfolio in your blog. In the “About Me” or “Profile of the Owner” portion, you can place there your interests and what have you done in the past as far as e-commerce is concern. Always remember that readers also check the credibility of the “marketer” or seller. You have to build your reputation and credibility here. As much as possible, maintain a portfolio in this area of your blog wherein people can always refer on the kind of person and business person you are.

5. Build forums or comment posting5. Build forums or comment posting

One way to keep in touch with your target market is to be with them and get involve with them. You need to know their thoughts, whether positive or negative. This can be achieved by placing a forum portion in your blog area. In here, people can interact with each other. You can also put a comment portion where people can leave their views about your blog. In this way, you know what they think of the products/services you are promoting. This will also serve as a venue of attracting more visitors or traffic to your website. And, if the traffic, is good – this means, more investors are likely to choose your site for advertisement/marketing purposes.

4. Get your viewers involved4. Get your viewers involved

As mentioned earlier, you can post ads to your blogs in order to make money out from your blog. In this case, however, you need to let your viewers be involved. It is not enough that they simply read the advertisement or click the link you have provided for the ad. You can let them do sign-ups or registrations in order to buy the products you have promoted in your blog. Also, this will require them to be a member of the website of the products/services you are promoting in your blog. This spells out good income generation to your part because you also enable good traffic to the sites where the products are originally being posted.

3. Maintain an advertisement network3. Maintain an advertisement network

It takes time and patience to build your credibility as an online marketing site. It needs connections/links with fellow advertisers. You need to keep in touch with your advertisers as well as scout for potential advertisers. You should have a record of their rates as well as their products so that you can easily choose which one you can tap. This can be easily done if you are a member of an advertisement network. Such groups help bloggers look for potential advertisers and give access to companies/entrepreneurs that need marketing sites.

2. Affiliations with companies2. Affiliations with companies

There are certain agreements between bloggers and some companies when it comes to marketing efforts. You will make blogs or place an advertisement about the companies or the products/services they have. If your blog visitor clicks into this link, you will be rewarded by the company for driving traffic towards their site. Other bloggers receive a percentage of the sales earned by the company that they are affiliated with.

1. Sincerity1. Sincerity

Above everything else, you need to be sincere in what you are promoting at your blogs. In order for you to monetize your blog effectively, you need to be truthful in your product reviews and marketing strategies. It is not good to deceive people that the product/service is good when, in fact, it is substandard.


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